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Ritual In A Modern World

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comRitual is one of the oldest forms of spiritual expression, and it has roots in pretty much all religions and spiritual practices. The energy created when we take the time to focus our intent, while using symbols and tokens that have meaning for us personally, can be transformational! Whether you practice ritual in a group or on your own, it can supercharge your manifestations and aid in any healing processes you may be going through.

When most people think of ‘ritual’ they often think of darkened smoky rooms, with people in long robes, chanting in strange languages perhaps, all seemingly choreographed with everyone knowing their roles. I’m sure there are some who practice in this way, and truly many of those elements have their place in ritual – incense, chanting, and so on. But I would suggest that ritual can also be something less rigid which we can craft to fit into our modern lives.

In my own practice, I began by creating a little ‘altar’ for myself. It is a small space where I arranged a few candles, some incense, crystals, feathers and some other tokens that have meaning to me. I added a picture of my mother, and a statue of an angel given to me when my grandpa passed away. I created a small space that had deep meaning for me and brought me into a mindset of love.

Now, I didn’t have a lot of room for this! So when I say a small space, this could be anything from the corner of a dresser, to a whole tabletop. As my practice has evolved I now find that any spare surface becomes a home for little treasures that I find in my adventures. Once you start creating these rituals in your life, the Universe will often send you little gifts to help you along.

Since ritual is a need, and since the mainstream of Western civilization is not meeting this need, a great deal of what’s happening these days is simply people’s attempts to find ways to meet this need for themselves ~ Aidan Kelly

Once you have created an altar, the idea is simply to visit that space and create a little ritual for yourself. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a few words of affirmation. Rituals are a form of spiritual expression. Your altar can be a place where you come to pray, or meditate, or just to think and reflect. The rituals you create here are yours to enjoy and should be calming and grounding.

This is not to say that you absolutely need an altar to create rituals in your life. If you have no place for this sort of thing in your home, you can find a spot where you simply feel you won’t be disturbed – even if it happens to be in your car, or the bathroom. Taking a few moments for yourself, even just once a week to start, is an incredibly valuable ritual to incorporate into your routine. One night before bed each week, go to this quiet space and spend just a few minutes doing what feels right to you. Reconnecting with yourself consistently like this has many benefits.

So, I mentioned earlier that ritual can supercharge your manifestations, and help in healing. As you become more comfortable with your own style of ritual, you can begin to use this spiritual expression in a more focused way. Having an intention before you begin, and a framework for your ritual can be beneficial here. This should be pretty simple overall. Know your intention before you start, and have a plan for how you wish to express that intention. This is where you get to have a bit of fun and get creative.

Let’s say I want to manifest more financial abundance in my life. First off, I’m going to want to release my need to hold on to any limiting beliefs holding me back from achieving this. I’m also going to want to set out exactly what I am seeking to manifest. Finally, it’s a good idea to use affirmations in ritual, in this case around abundance. I like to also keep in mind the moon cycle, as full and new moons are especially potent times for releasing and manifestation.

One of the most commonly used ritual techniques, is to write things down and then take a symbolic action with that written word. For example, start by writing out a list of limiting beliefs you want to release, for example, “I release the belief that I am not worthy of abundance.” Then read this list out loud to the Universe. Once you have done this, place the paper in a fire-safe spot and burn it, symbolizing the destruction of those things holding you back. This is also where ritual can be incredible for your healing.

Once you’ve finished with your list of things you wish to release, it’s important to fill yourself back up with things you wish to manifest. This is where you get to write out exactly what you want to create in your life. I always encourage people to remember their integrity here. We must never attempt to infringe on another person’s free will. Spirit always knows what is in our highest and best good, so I find it is wise to always include this in my manifestations. I do this simply by adding, to anything I seek to create: “If it is in the highest and best good of all, for it to be so.”

The purpose of ritual is to change the mind of the human being. It’s sacred drama in which you are the audience as well as the participant and the purpose of it is to activate parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity ~ Sharon Devlin

I like to conclude these kinds of rituals by stating positive affirmations aloud, which have meaning for me at that time. I also express my gratitude for the blessings in my life, for the miraculous nature of the Universe, and for the magic that is in every day.

These kinds of rituals can be done on your own, or in groups. In most cities, it’s not difficult to find a group offering circle gatherings, often scheduled based on the lunar cycle. Ceremony and ritual done individually can be incredibly powerful. But it is my belief that ritual done in groups can be even more so.

The most important element of any ritual is being honest, open and raw. Being able to identify areas where you hold limiting beliefs, or where you need to improve can be uncomfortable. Admitting what you really want can also be surprisingly difficult. Doing this in front of a group of people is exceptionally vulnerable. And this is where the power of transformation lay. Being truly seen.

This is what ritual gives us. Individually, it is the willingness to be seen by that power you identify as greater than yourself, yet part of yourself. In a group, not only are you seen by the Divine, you are also seen by your peers. Having another human being acknowledge you, and accept you regardless of that which you see as your weakness – this is where the healing gets real.

That said, it’s important to find a group that is supportive and inclusive in this way. In my experience this has not been an issue as the purpose of these kinds of practices are to develop our Spiritual voices. But I always advise caution and encourage people to do their homework before getting involved with any groups.

What are some little rituals you could start incorporating into your day? What would a spiritual space look like for you? These are fun questions you can start with to begin to bring back ritual as part of your modern routine.

About The Author: Seraphim

Seraphim's natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Empathic abilities to receive messages and connect with Spirit first came to the fore in early childhood. Upon discovering her mom's Tarot deck, not long after her death, Seraphim was led on a journey that helped her to explore her vast gifts. Seraphim continues to receive steady guidance and messages directly from her Spirit Guides and Angels, and has maintained a steady and successful private practice based in Edmonton. She remains very active in her spiritual community, and often is called upon to lead local events. Self-taught, she's mastered Tarot Reading and a powerful technique called "Eye-Gazing" that allows her to convey precise information to the client. She works with "The Sacred Art of Creation", leading empowered women's circles that facilitate self-healing, manifestation and alignment. If you'd like a reading with a compassionate reader who can both hear and convey direct messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, you can find Seraphim at

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