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Grieving Through Loss

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMost of us have had to deal with loss of some sort in our lives. It could be a death: the loss of a pet, a friend, a sibling, a parent, a lover, or even a child. Intense feelings of sadness, anger or uncertainty may occur when we divorce, lose friendships or even leave jobs. You might even find yourself distressed over missed opportunities in your life.

Pretty much any time our idea of security and normalcy in our lives gets shaken up, we might find ourselves in a state of grief. For many, grief is often seen as a bad thing. A time of sorrow, sadness, anger, resentment, helplessness, weakness and frustration.

Some will face loss with utter avoidance – trying to push the grief aside, while boldly and courageously moving forward, trying to be strong. However, I’ve come to realize grief is not only normal, it’s necessary. If we ignore our grief, it often causes many problems in our lives and more importantly, in our relationships. Without acknowledging our loss, and allowing ourselves to grieve, we can never begin to heal.

Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

When a death occurs, some fear that ‘healing” means you no longer miss the person and are ‘doing fine’ without them.  Nonsense. Healing just means we acknowledge their part in our life. We acknowledge the scar we are left with in their absence.

Healing allows us to continue to embrace the breath we still have, and to live. Even after a bad physical injury, when we our skin or bones heal, we still have the scar. Healing doesn’t mean we forget, or it never happened, it just means we keep going. I often have to remind people (myself included) allowing ourselves to grieve and heal takes real courage.

While psychologists tell us there are five stages of grief,  don’t expect that everyone will follow them precisely in the same order: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.  You may not even experience all of them. Perhaps you’ll only experience a fleeting moment of one. Or you may even bounce back and forth, from anger to depression, for example. However you experience your emotions, I can assure you, it’s very likely normal.

For those of us who always like to be ‘in control’ at all times, grief can pose a particular challenge. It’s hard to be ‘in control’ when we find our lives turned upside down! Those of us who always appear strong and in control must be encouraged to surrender to the process. I believe we have to allow ourselves the time and space to surrender to the grief, before we can begin to heal. In this instance, surrendering isn’t weakness – it’s a sign of courage.

Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim ~ Vicki Harrison

Sometimes healing is a lifelong process, especially with the death of a loved one. Don’t hold yourself to the standards or experiences of anyone else. Your grief and your experience is unique. Honor that. Be kind and gentle with yourself. And if you need to cry, that is okay. I’ve always said crying is the body’s physical expression of love. My father passed away in 2005, and I’m not fully healed from his loss. His passing left a scar on my soul that is still tender. I still cry when I think of him. And I’m okay with that.

About The Author: Angie

Angie is an accomplished Medium, Intuitive and Empath, speaking with Angels, Spirit Guides and those who've crossed over. She's situated in the New England area, and has been providing highly accurate readings for her clients for over twenty-five years, and is sought after for psychic parties and dinners. What makes her particularly fascinating is her unique talent with Art Mediumship, in which she combines drawings and messages. She's trained with many mentors locally and internationally, and has connected with exactly the right teachers at just the right time. Angie is also a teacher, offering Spiritual Gift and Mediumship Development classes, and she is Certified in Akashic Records and Pranic Healing. If you'd like to be introduced to your best spiritual self, while receiving detailed answers from a gifted and compassionate Card Reader and Medium, you can find Angie at

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