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Sometimes It Is Best To Walk Away

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThroughout my years as a professional psychic medium (and even before), I’ve encountered a recurring theme of those who are seeking advice involving intimate relationships. Now, remember, intimate relationships aren’t just our lovers. They can also be close friends and, of course, our family.

Intimate relationships are the ones we have with those closest to us. We know their secrets, strengths and weaknesses, and they probably know ours. It’s those people that we want to help, those we want to love, or those who we just want to love and respect us. Sadly, when people are seeking guidance with these intimate relationships it is most always pain-filled. Anger, fear, frustration and desperation almost always accompany these relationships.

When the tears are too many and the love is too little, when you want to smile but you have to sigh and you’re tired of the lies but your heart can’t handle the truth, that’s when you have to decide, if it’s better to stay or just walk away ~ Rashida Rowe

Almost daily I speak with someone holding fiercely to the hope that they can change someone, or that maybe, just maybe, this time will be different and the person will stop their hurtful behavior. Perhaps they can love them straight, love them faithful, or love them to the point where they can achieve the things we believe they are capable of. And more often than not, people are let down when it doesn’t work out.

While occasionally I can foresee an outcome of change in behaviors for the offending person, the truth is that about 95% of the time this is simply not the case. And trust me, it’s not easy to tell a client that during a reading.

Although this might feel hopeless, I urge you. Don’t despair. I’ve found time and again, although these unbalanced relationships hurt us in the moment, there is always hope!  When viewed in the right light, these relationships give us an opportunity for growth and enlightenment, offering us a chance to break free of past choices and patterns, and to take control of our future.

I know, easy to say, harder to do.

As humans we are creatures of habit – the things we do, say, and how we treat people. The more we behave this way, the more it becomes our reality and expectation in relationships. These behaviors and habits can be ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ While it is usually ‘good’ to always see the potential in someone, if seeing the potential also means you overlook or make excuses for the mean and hurtful things they do, wearing blinders can be ‘bad.’

So, what happens when you realize, either on your own, or through a reading, that the relationship you are experiencing is not balanced, is harming you, and the other person’s behaviors are not likely to change? Similar to a death, you may find yourself going through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. You may not experience all of these, or if you do, they might not be in this order. But one thing is for certain – to move on you must accept the relationship for what it is. And then, make a choice as to how to proceed.

Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own ~ Robert Tew

Some will choose to keep the relationship as is, in hopes they are wrong, and the person will indeed change. If you do that, your best bet is to understand that you must also be willing to accept the person at face value, along with their limitations. This sometimes works with family matters. For example, you know mom’s not going to change, so if you accept her as is, and know that is all she can offer you, then you can love mom on those conditions.

Otherwise, I will generally advocate for releasing and walking away from that which does not serve you, or make you happy. We all have the right to be happy. We all deserve to be loved. And we all are worthy of being treated with respect. This is a chance to honor your soul, your value, and your worth. In this releasing, you open the door for something way more beneficial – a friendship, a love, or a relationship that is fulfilling and feeds your soul.

A relationship should always enhance you. It should feed you, not drain you. Yes, sometimes we need to hold on and keep working at it. But other times we simply need to walk away to give ourselves a chance to heal and grow.

About The Author: Angie

Angie is an accomplished Medium, Intuitive and Empath, speaking with Angels, Spirit Guides and those who've crossed over. She's situated in the New England area, and has been providing highly accurate readings for her clients for over twenty-five years, and is sought after for psychic parties and dinners. What makes her particularly fascinating is her unique talent with Art Mediumship, in which she combines drawings and messages. She's trained with many mentors locally and internationally, and has connected with exactly the right teachers at just the right time. Angie is also a teacher, offering Spiritual Gift and Mediumship Development classes, and she is Certified in Akashic Records and Pranic Healing. If you'd like to be introduced to your best spiritual self, while receiving detailed answers from a gifted and compassionate Card Reader and Medium, you can find Angie at

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