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Tarot Bridges Perception And Truth

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMysterious, symbolic and highly energetic, the Tarot is a high vibrational tool helping us discover the deeper meaning behind the events of our lives. It can offer guidance around situations in which we may feel lost or confused. And it can serve as a bridge between how we perceive the ‘normal’ reality, and how the influence of Spirit is working in our lives.

As every Tarot reader’s gifts are different, as unique as is every individual, a reader comes to develop their own style accordingly. But the Tarot itself also has its own energy – a high vibration frequency which Spirit can use to send us messages, encouragement, and guidance.

In my own Tarot readings, I find that Spirit most often seeks to illuminate areas in which changes may be needed in order to bring about the most beneficial outcome. This can be anything from the need to shift a perspective, the need to let go, or the need to accept things as they are.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper ~ W.B. Yeats

Ultimately, Spirit wants to get us ‘unstuck’ so that we are in flow. When we are in flow we are creating with the Universe and moving toward the fulfillment of our potential. Tarot provides a conduit for communication with our guides, and higher selves through which we can understand more deeply the lessons, and the magic in our lives.

Often from our physical ‘self’ perspective, we can’t see situations for what they really are. But our higher selves understand the purpose, and they want to lovingly guide us to a happier and more peaceful experience. Sometimes we can be very resistant when unwanted events shake our lives. Typically, when difficulties arise we get swept up in the emotion of the situation and allow ourselves to act from this space.

In these times of trial, Spirit encourages us to take a step back and look at the situation from a wider lens. I promise you, none of the challenges you are facing are designed to hurt you. They may be painful, certainly. But Spirit brings us situations that challenge us to give us the opportunity to learn and grow from them.

Ever feel like you have the same situation playing out in your life over and over? Maybe in relationships, or with your career? Or financially? Asking yourself, why does this keep happening? Spirit is bringing you these situations so that you can heal and become stronger. It mirrors to us the areas in which we need to shift our perspectives (there’s that word again). It gives us the opportunity to try something different each time by presenting us these recurring themes.

This is also where the magic is. Because when you have one of those moments where everything just suddenly clicks, there is nothing more incredible.

These are the moments when we get charge in our own vibrational field. When we raise our vibration and can feel, absolutely, the Truth within our hearts. In my experience, Spirit is always guiding us to deeper love and compassion. You may not understand the reason behind events initially, and honestly, you may never fully see for yourself the impact that events have. Accepting this and trusting that the Universe is in divine order is vital.

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception ~ Aldous Huxley

This does not mean we can all sit back and just allow life to pass us by without participating. But it does mean that we are not fully in control. We have our free will, but so does every other soul we are co-creating with. Our greatest power is in how we react to the situations in our lives. This is also where our lessons lay. Because we have no control over external events or the free with of others, our focus is then best spent on ourselves. On how we move and connect within this miracle of this Universe.

Tarot serves as a potent tool for helping to uncover the areas we need to be looking at. For example, Spirit will bring forward the perspectives that need to change, the aspects of a relationship you’ve been refusing to look at or accept, and so on. Things that may seem less cheerful, but which we need to be aware of to make informed choices.

That being said, Spirit will also offer us encouragement where we are doing well! It may show us how to expand upon the areas in our lives that are bringing us joy and fulfillment. Encourage us to take that risk to follow our dream, or remind you of the blessings you bring to lives of others.

It’s important to understand also, that Spirit will never interfere with your choices. We can gain greater understanding and clarity around the decisions we have to make, but free will is sacred. As we refine our own perspective and develop deeper compassion for others we learn to live from our hearts. It is in this space that the incredible majesty of Source can be appreciated.

The situations and events of our lives can be taken at face value, as challenges to be struggled through, or they can be seized as opportunities for growth and greater understanding. The bridge that Tarot creates between our everyday lives, and the intricate inner workings of Spirit gives us a glimpse into everyday magic. The intricate, awe-inspiring, perfect Universe, and how it is at work in our lives. Spirit is always bringing us exactly the opportunity we need to achieve our dreams.

What could possibly be more magical than that?

About The Author: Seraphim

Seraphim's natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Empathic abilities to receive messages and connect with Spirit first came to the fore in early childhood. Upon discovering her mom's Tarot deck, not long after her death, Seraphim was led on a journey that helped her to explore her vast gifts. Seraphim continues to receive steady guidance and messages directly from her Spirit Guides and Angels, and has maintained a steady and successful private practice based in Edmonton. She remains very active in her spiritual community, and often is called upon to lead local events. Self-taught, she's mastered Tarot Reading and a powerful technique called "Eye-Gazing" that allows her to convey precise information to the client. She works with "The Sacred Art of Creation", leading empowered women's circles that facilitate self-healing, manifestation and alignment. If you'd like a reading with a compassionate reader who can both hear and convey direct messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, you can find Seraphim at

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