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Paranormal Battle

Click photo to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMany of us are so sure that negative energies can be banished quite easily, if we have the right intention. For the most part, this is true. But there is always an exception to the rule, and I learned this the hard way.

After years of paranormal investigation, I can say that many of those cases were not paranormal at all, but rather the energy that the families had created due to conflicts in their own lives. However, it is then when unwanted paranormal energies can sweep in and ‘feed’ off the discord. This is more common than one might think.

Other paranormal phenomena may include visitations from past loved ones, or energy imprints that has been there for many years. Yes, there are such a thing as haunted objects, and simply removing them from the home can ‘lighten’ things up tremendously. But it is when a negative energy attaches itself to a person when the more serious kind of trouble begins.

Basically, they’re these malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and commit evil for their own amusement. It’s pretty creepy. I mean, they stalk people for years, like decades, and sometimes they’re really intelligent in the way they do things to freak you out ~ Micah, Paranormal Activity

Several years ago, my dearest friend bought a house in Edmonton, Alberta. Right from the get go she could not shake the feeling that something was ‘off’ with the energy of the place. The basement of her new home was the most off-putting area, to say the least.

For my friend, living within the walls of that haunted home really wore her down – it negatively affected her family life, decisions-making, career, and her health. When she finally sold the home and moved, she was given explicit instructions to smudge everything coming out of the house, before it was moved to the new home.  She did, but just like a virus that is microscopic (only comparison I can make) something still managed to attach itself, and came along with her.

During a speaker phone conversation one night, with her and her boyfriend, I distinctively heard deep, male laughter in the background, unbeknownst to them. I promptly informed them I was coming out for a visit and I booked my flight that week.

My friend picked me up at the airport, and upon first sight I knew something was wrong. I could not pinpoint it, but she wasn’t herself; there was something about her eyes. She had always been sensitive to the spiritual world, and was never really comfortable with it. I found out later why.

While I was unsure what I was walking into, I wanted to see for myself and get a ‘sense’ of the home. It was the first time I met her boyfriend in person, and I have to add, it was also a lesson in trusting that the right people walk into your life for a reason. There is a deep love and connection between them, and he is wildly gifted when it comes to energy work. Her boyfriend also felt and experienced what was happening in their home.

They often felt, heard and smelled things at the same time. So it was not just one or the other experiencing these events, but rather they were having many of these experiences at the same time.  Neither thought the other was crazy, and I have to add, many have been in their home, and have felt uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.

I have now transformed into a sensitive; a person who is able to detect when spirits are present. It’s a skill that’s evolved over hundreds of paranormal investigations and has taught me that the human body is the best means of paranormal detection. I’ve become a fine-tuned instrument of spiritual sensitivity ~ Zak Bagans

They had little to no rest from the discord in the home.  Constant cold spots, noises, smells of rotting fish, smelly feet, footsteps when no one is there. Things definitely went from bad to worse, when they were both having night terrors, and experiences of being forcefully held down on their bed. The night of ‘peek-a-boo’ in mirrors, both thinking it was the other, is the night they were introduced to the dark shadow that appeared and made sure they saw it. Unnerving to say the least for anyone.

It wore on them both, and to be honest, by the time I left I was exhausted. This type of paranormal energy drains you, for it is what they feed on. Those reports of ‘shadow people’ are not just stories and myths for those who have come face-to-face with them. The energy in their home was an attraction to those who seek to feed off fear, exhaustion, unrest. Humans supply that need, by creating more unbalanced energy. It creates a feeding ground.

But this was only part of a complex problem.

The target was my dear friend. It could not completely get to her boyfriend, but it would work through her to drain him. The on and off discord between them was ongoing, highly influenced  by the attachments within the walls.

So much of my friend had altered since the last time I had seen her. The light that was so prevalent in her eyes had dimmed to almost nothing. Her voice and attitude had changed. Things that should have brought calm and peace, seemed to irritate her.  This paranormal presence had drained the life out of her. Her once dynamic personality, had shifted.

The real work began on the second night. While standing in the kitchen listening to them relay some of the incidents that had been happening in the house, the lights briefly flickered above our heads and a smell, that could only be described as ‘decaying,’ was picked up immediately by each of us. It left as quickly as it appeared.

I was cooking dinner at the time. I explained away the flickering light as my Grandmother, since I was cooking one of her dishes. But I knew better, and truly thought I could get rid of this without alarming them. The smell gave me a good indication that this was not going to be as easy as just clearing energy.

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near ~ Sun Tzu

While standing at the island in the kitchen, I felt a presence, in that very moment her boyfriend, who was facing the opposite way, bolted for the basement, and I followed quickly. At the bottom of the basement steps I felt like I walked through a thick wall of very negative energy. Basements are generally cold, but there were colder spots within the cold – an experience I won’t soon forget. Within minutes of being there, what felt like small hands, climbed up the side of my leg.

We had to seal the basement for the night. Old boxes would be removed the next day, for they had come from the other house and still pulsated with negative darkness. Salt water, charged water, incense, salt, and a salt lamp was used in the basement that night, and it significantly warmed up. But it merely was the calm before the storm.

Something had taken root there, and it was not the house nor the land. I was pessimistic at that point that this could be taken care of before I had to return home. My friends and I had a serious heart to heart in regard to what needed to transpire in order for them to get their home and their lives back to some semblance of peace. We did a walk through of the house, but this thing wanted us to know it was there, and it was now toying with us. I was touched many times by unseen icy hands that night and the next.

We removed a few mirrors from the home that this energy was using, as well as making sure rooms were filled with candles, salt,  and incense. The one bonus room, which was set up as a TV room upstairs, was ice cold, and warmed significantly by the end of night. Shockingly so.

When I mention cold spots, there is something significant I should add. It wasn’t just a room getting cold, it was walking right into a freezing spot when they rest of the room was warmer. The temperature differences were dramatic, to say the least. Worse yet, I had ice cold spots on my leg, or arm, or shoulder, everyone did. It was very boldly letting us know that it was right there!

Our aim was to make the atmosphere as uncomfortable for that type of energy as possible. I was thankful that this time her home was not built upon land that nothing could be done about, except moving, as was the case with her last home and the source of the problems in the first place, or so I thought. I was wrong.

A person terrified with the imagination of spectres, is more reasonable than one who thinks the appearance of spirits fabulous and groundless ~ Joseph Addison

I asked my friend about any past experiences with this type of thing, prior to the home in Edmonton. I was on a fact finding mission, at the time not sure what I was looking for until I heard it. There was, when her daughter was an infant. She had moved into a building that had long had a reputation for strange occurrences. But she paid no mind to the rumors, for it was an older building and there were people there struggling, perhaps  drug addicted. Some of the stories were unnerving, for one of the tenants told her not to be surprised if she sees her kitchen chairs floating in the middle of the room. It seemed far-fetched.

It wasn’t long after she moved in, when she knew things weren’t quite right and often stayed with her daughter’s father in order to feel safe. The feeling of someone about to grab her, noises, listening to her daughter in her crib, at first laughing, but  that changed. The one particular incident would have sent anyone running out the door. She had heard her baby crying in distress (mothers know their children’s cries). Upon entering her daughter’s room, the crib was against the opposite wall. A piggy bank that was on the shelf flew off and hit the floor, but did not break.

She grabbed her baby and ran out the door. Help came in the form of a local Catholic priest, who after assessing, brought back help from the Archdioceses. These priests are highly trained in their area of expertise, and bluntly told her never to move back into the building. Emma added that they followed up with her a few times to make sure all was now well, and that nothing had followed her.

Armed with these new bits of information, I needed insight from others in my field. We brainstormed As this was happening. Her boyfriend went from kindergarten to university in his dealings with the energies that invaded their lives.  His strong energy, resolve, abilities, and love for my friend was the one key factor in helping us solve this complex situation.

Before I left them, we went on a shopping trip to fill their home with stronger types of cleansing tools, including protective stones for each of them. But for every move we made, it countered. Calm one minute, chaotic the next. Night after night of broken sleep and unnerving energy continued.

My friend’s energy shift had a reason, it was attached to her in a way that can be only described as a type of possession. Not the type you would see in a movie, but rather an influence that was pressing on her all the time. She was fighting back, not knowing how close she was to losing herself completely. The essence of who she is, was being tormented.

I don’t believe that ghosts are “spirits of the dead” because I don’t believe in death. In the multiverse, once you’re possible, you exist. And once you exist, you exist forever one way or another. Besides, death is the absence of life, and the ghosts I’ve met are very much alive. What we call ghosts are lifeforms just as you and I are ~Paul F. Eno

When she shared another night terror dream with me, I knew right then and there that this thing wanted me to know why she was losing her fight. The details of that particular dream I will leave out. What I can say is this, this attachment had the ability to create chaos in her dream state with such horrifying reality, it continued weakening her, day and night.

It was during one of my meditations, as I was asking for guidance on how we were to end this conflict, that I was presented with information that turned out to be the key we were looking for.

My friend is a powerful lucid dreamer. When she told me that she could get up and use the bathroom, then fall back into her dream and carry on, it was a red flag on where she picked up the dark shadow. It could split itself into every area of her life. They stalk dream energy. They use all manner of energy; batteries will drain quickly and touch lamps are their favorite, easy enough. But human energy is the ultimate food for them. How to cut off that food source is the challenge.

Placing protection around the outside of the home was paramount. It stopped the dark energies from dropping by and creating more terror. It is difficult for anyone to go on with their day to day lives when you’re consuming thoughts are that of your surroundings and the constant barrage of smells, noises, even dark thoughts that don’t seem to be your own. This lovely couple, who had already been through so much, needed peace, even if it came in installments.  So, that part was tied up.

I instructed my friend to now only work on herself, to be aware of pressing energy, and to fight back. Both of them needed to own the space they lived in and press out anything that insulted their souls. I know this maddened her to a point. It wasn’t just her that wanted to know what we were doing, but the energy that was attached to her, for it had become a game of smoke and mirrors. A very wise paranormal consultant informed me to look behind everything, for if my friend knows…then ‘it’ also knows.

Fortunately, we had inadvertently trapped that energy on this side, which was a blessing in disguise, for it could not go back to recharge. The mirrors were one of its biggest portals. The attacks lessened in nature on the whole. It was losing strength rapidly with each step we took. The main issue, however, was bringing my friend back to her normal state, to remove the influence that had permeated every aspect of her and her life, ultimately both her life and the lives of those around her.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win ~ Stephen King

The constant consulting by each of us involved, the constant cleansing, energy work and consistency was instrumental in closing this chapter.  Instructions were given to her boyfriend on what to put out in his dream state: the love and trust connection they have, and a resounding message of what real love can do. I also called on her parents, who had passed some years ago, for their help on the other side.

The night that everything changed was the night of the New Moon. The energies were at their strongest and help was certainly there in all forms. The dark can never win over the light. The next day we messaged each other and when I asked about her dreams, she said, “I had a dream full of spiders. It was weird, but I woke up enough to be able to control it. I was shown a safe cubby hole that took me to a different place to hide from the things attacking us. In my dream my boyfriend showed it to me, I came back to look for him and at the end of the dream we all made it out safely. Funny you asked me about my dreams, usually you don’t. He has been bugging me all day to tell you.”

Her boyfriend later shared with me what he had done. We had asked him to reach out a hand to her in his dreams, to hold onto to her, to pull. He was in a place between asleep and awake when he pulled her through. She did not know of these instructions, so the confirmation of what I had seen, and what we had done, and what she had experienced and remembered from her ‘dream,’ was a success.

Talking to her now, it is clear that amidst the chaos there has come healing. The creature that had such a grip is now gone. The other energies that thought she was their personal playground, have also dissipated. I have been flooding their home with light on an hourly basis, as a safety precaution. They need it and deserve it.

Once it came to light that her dreams were where her power and her weakness lays, action came from information. She is now armed with the knowledge that she is in control and nothing can come through her anymore.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to resolving this matter.

About The Author: Isthemus

Isthemus is an experienced psychic advisor with her own Metaphysical Company based out of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. A natural born empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, intuitive Counsellor and psychic advisor. Patty still does Paranormal Investigations as well as teaching workshops on how to interpret signs. You can talk to Isthemus at

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