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Are You Not Supposed To Be Psychic?

Click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen getting a reading from me, I may sometimes ask you a question. Wait, you think, is she fishing for information, or what? Is she not supposed to be psychic? Shouldn’t she just know?

The answer might surprise you. I sometimes ask questions to help clarify and understand the information and feelings I am picking up around your situation. A truly beneficial reading should always include an exchange of information, with questions and answers from both parties.

Once you, as the client, understand why I am asking certain questions, you will find yourself far more satisfied with the reading in the end. You will be left with hope, a greater understanding, and a plan of action to move forward. Here’s a prime (yet very shortened) example of why I might ask you a question during your reading.

Sometimes questions are more important than answers ~ Nancy Willard

Client: What’s up with him, we haven’t been talking much lately and when we do, he’s been short. Can you tell me what’s going on with him? How does he feel about me? 

(While the client is asking this I find myself flooded with a mix of emotions and feelings. I feel insecure and almost helpless.)

Angie: As I tap into his energy, it feels as though he might be intimidated by you, and he’s also feeling somewhat guilty about something…”

Client: Why would he be intimidated be me? I’m 5 foot 2 and I’m certainly not mean or bossy. Wait, why is he guilty, what did he do?

Angie: First of all, please don’t panic. He may not have done anything. I’m tapping into his energy, and I’m trying to understand what I’m feeling, and why. What is your relationship to this man?”

(This man may be her boyfriend, partner, brother, friend or co-worker. I obviously need clarity to best interpret the feelings and emotions I am sensing, before I can help her with how best to move forward.)

Client: He’s my husband. Why would he be intimidated by me? Why is feeling guilty? Is he cheating?”  

Angie: No, no, I’m not sensing that he has had an affair or anything like that. Have you recently been putting more than your normal share in, around the house and perhaps even in the relationship?

(I ask this, because I sense he’s feeling inadequate, and intimidated. Instead of being able to tell her that openly, he’s feeling vulnerable and pulling back. And that makes him feel guilty. This isn’t about what he’s done. This feels more like it is about what he believes he has not done.)

What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question ~ Jonas Salk

Client: Well, I guess so. He’s been out of work and I’ve been putting in extra hours at work to make up for it. But he’s been on a few interviews, but jobs seem tight and nothing has come through yet. We have twi young children, but they always seem to want just me when I get home, and I know that upsets him. I still don’t understand how I intimidate him. I haven’t been mean to him at all?”

What I have been feeling all makes perfect sense now.)

Angie: Correct, you haven’t been mean. In fact, my guides tell me you’ve been very supportive. Working extra hours, not complaining, jumping in to take care of the kids when you get home. My guides tell me he is feeling like he let his family down, and in a strange way intimidated by your success with work and the kids. He feels guilty that you are taking on all of this extra stuff, and he’s struggling with how to communicate that to you. Does that make sense?

Client: Wow, I guess it does. What do I do? I don’t want us to be distant.

Now we can focus on moving forward. If we hadn’t had the exchange of questions and answers, chances are we wouldn’t have gotten to this point. You might have angrily hung up, perhaps assuming your husband was having an affair and that’s why he was pulling away. All so very far from the truth. And for that, I implore you, let me ask my questions when necessary. Engage in the process. It allows me to gain more clarity in the situation and what I am sensing, and how best to guide you.

About The Author: Angie

Angie is an accomplished Medium, Intuitive and Empath, speaking with Angels, Spirit Guides and those who've crossed over. She's situated in the New England area, and has been providing highly accurate readings for her clients for over twenty-five years, and is sought after for psychic parties and dinners. What makes her particularly fascinating is her unique talent with Art Mediumship, in which she combines drawings and messages. She's trained with many mentors locally and internationally, and has connected with exactly the right teachers at just the right time. Angie is also a teacher, offering Spiritual Gift and Mediumship Development classes, and she is Certified in Akashic Records and Pranic Healing. If you'd like to be introduced to your best spiritual self, while receiving detailed answers from a gifted and compassionate Card Reader and Medium, you can find Angie at

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