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Pain Is A Door

Click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comPain is a door. It can be used as a tool to help you free yourself from pain and oppression that is stored deeply in your subconscious mind from your childhood and past experiences. The misconception is that we are to try to do everything we can to get out of feeling the pain. On the contrary, if we embrace our pain with the intention of looking at it, we can see our ego self.

The pain that has been stored for a long while, often causes the actions, reactions and trouble we find ourselves in. Pain helps make you alert if you are willing to look at it this way, if you will embrace it as a teacher. But, we usually want what we want and that usually translates into pain avoidance, which makes pain go away, only to come back another day. And the pain will continue to come back another day, until you are ready to use it as a tool to set yourself free.

On the path to greatness, life teaches you to walk with stones in your shoes ~ Matshona Dhliwayo

Emotional and physical pain can be like wake-up call. We become more alert when our relationships fall apart, lose our jobs, are in continual conflict with others, or when we are depressed, lonely and feel isolated. When life is great, we are comfortable, lazy and fall into old patterns.

When our significant other leaves us, the door of pain opens to present us with a possibility – the possibility to free ourselves from old patterns and habits. Possibilities abound.

When I am reading for clients, I often refer back to them. I ask why they have created this situation? They usually say they didn’t, that the other person created it. Then I ask, “Why are you participating in it?” The usually answer is that it is because they love them. But actually this is an opportunity for us to become aware, to walk through the door of pain. To become alert that our very actions and thoughts are creating the pain alongside the other person we are blaming.

We rarely see ourselves as the cause, we rarely blame ourselves. Our life is a creation and manifestation of our collective, thoughts, words, feelings actions and inaction.

When we become alert and aware, we realize that our relationships are precious, that we have inverted love and forgotten love. Instead we lead with ego. Ego is a sure-fire way to kill a relationship. Use these situations to make yourself more aware, to stretch and grow.

In the fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Wicked Queen is jealous of Snow, and very angry. She asks the mirror, “Who is the fairest of them all.” The mirror answers, “Snow White, of course.” This sends the Queen into a rage. So, she has Snow ‘killed’… first by the Huntsman and then by herself with a poisoned apple. However, the Queen did not kill Snow. Instead she sleeps.

It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace ~ Chuck Palahniuk

Snow White represents the purity of our soul and when we are living immersed in this world of ‘Maya’ or illusion – we forget our soul; the Oneness of our light. The Evil Queen, jealous and angry, drives herself to her own end. The mirror is a partial reflection of the whole. The Queen only sees physical beauty, but when we delve deeper into the Snow White fairy tale, there is hidden meaning. Black, red and white are the three colors of alchemy. Alchemists refine energy through these hidden symbols. But the Queen rages on, lost in the physical world, using only her physical eyes.

Pain is a door that one needs to walk through in order to remember that we must release our ego self and love more. This does not mean turn a blind eye to infractions, this does not mean you should not feel pain. On the contrary, pain is a messenger or our human nature. This is a pain that causes your life and relationships to go awry.

In the simple willingness to bend to your anger, jealousy, envy and greed, you will just look and watch yourself spin like the angry Queen, insecure and fragile. There, in that moment you will find strength, because you will realize that when you become aware, you can choose your reactions and actions. The pain leads you to a gentle power that harms none.

About The Author: Jacklyn

Jacklyn is able to read the heart and energy patterns of others, uncovering the true intentions that create their realities. She lives in Northern California, where she's counseled over 3000 clients, and has worked with police on missing person and cold cases. She's read for clients around the world, consistently astonishing them with her abilities. An expert in Tarot, Astrology and Dream Interpretation, for over thirty-five years, she's utilized these tools to see, hear and feel messages on just about every subject. Jacklyn is a firm believer that we are the creators of our own lives and knows that Miracles are built on faith. As long as you believe, anything is possible! If you'd like a reading with this Intuitive Wonder, you can reach Jacklyn at

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