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Click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comReincarnation comes from the Hindu-Buddhist philosophy of soul transmigration. This is the concept of a soul moving from body to body, from one lifetime to the next. The term reincarnation comes from Latin meaning “to be made flesh again.”

Reincarnation is believed to be determined by the quality of the life that you led in the previous body. If you led a good life the results in rebirth will be a higher quality form. If you led a bad life your rebirth will be into a lower quality form.

If you are familiar with the concept karma, then you know the Law of Karma states that good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. Karma teaches that the soul should progress and become one with the universe. Reincarnation teaches that everything is God, and God is everything.

The soul is not the body and it may be in one body or in another, and pass from body to body ~ Giordano Bruno

Reincarnation appeals to our thinking, because this life cycle idea provides people with unlimited chances to get life right. With reincarnation, we have no reason to figure out the meaning of life with respect to fellow man and God. We can feel our way through life, and if need be we will get another chance in the next life.

Research shows that many Americans believe in reincarnation. In some cases people believe that reincarnation can co-exist with Christian beliefs.  Christianity, however, does not accept reincarnation. Christians are taught that each human being is given only one earthly life.

The strongest evidence for reincarnation comes from those who allegedly remember details of their past lives. Opinions on reincarnation are divided, with some accepting it as real and others regarding it as a harmful belief that may lead to cases  of spirit possession.

Whether we believe or not, reincarnation is an mystery that we will continue to explore.

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