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Reading Energy And Interpreting Dreams

Click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI believe that everyone has the ability to read and understand the energy around them. The universe is made up of energy and people are connected to each other through that energy. There are ways in which people can tune into this energy to better understand their world.

So many times the answers we are looking for are right in front of us, but with the business of our lives and things going on around us, we sometimes tune that energy out. There are things you can do to better empower yourself to tune into others’ energy. By doing this you will be able to unlock answers in your own life.

First thing to do is make sure to eliminate as much stress in your life as possible. Stress will block out energy around you and distract you from being able to make sound decisions. There are many ways to tune out stress, such as learning to meditate, doing Yoga, or any physical activity or recreational outlet. Once you learn to block out stress and find a good balance of calm in your life you will start to notice the energy all around you.

We are, after all, surrounded by a constant stream of impacts, influences, and events. We should never forget that we have at our disposal a great reservoir of human energy ~ Kingsley Dennis

Talking less and listening more to others will allow you to connect with others and really focus on their energy. Many times in personal and professional relationships we want to know others’ intentions, or what they are thinking of us, but we are too busy with all the things going on around us, we often miss the subtle signs that we are looking for.

Everyone has some ability to be an empath in their own lives. You may receive energy through you dreams, for example, which allows you to tap into others’ energy. There are steps you can take in order to get answers through your dreams, if you are having a difficult time in your waking life. Keeping a dream diary next to your bed and writing down your dreams every morning, as soon as you wake up, will help you to remember your dreams every night.

People often believe that they don’t dream every night, when in fact they do. They just have a hard time remembering the next day. By writing down your dream in the morning before getting out of bed allows for the most accurate details and will help with remembering dreams every night. If there is something bothering you in your waking life, or an answer you are looking for, try focusing on that energy before falling asleep. If you are thinking of the answer before falling asleep there are many times that answer will come to you in your dreams that night.

Dreams can be very abstract at times, so it is important to learn to interpret the dreams correctly. There are many books available that help to decode dreams and their meanings. By quieting your life, eliminating stress, and paying attention to your dreams, you can be on your way to finding answers in your life that you are searching for.

About The Author: Summer

Summer resides on the East Coast and is a skilled Energy Worker, Tarot Reader and Counselor with a Master's Degree in Psychology. Over the last ten years, her compassionate approach has empowered many clients to overcome difficult life situations. Her clear Intuitive answers, coupled with her counseling credentials, make her the ideal practitioner that her clients return to for advice. She specializes in the areas of love, career and relationships, and clients testify on how accurate her predicted timelines have been. Many also report on relationships that have been restored, thanks to her sage advice. If you'd like to relieve anxiety, find answers and know what the future holds for you on any situation, you can find Summer at

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