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Synda The Shapeshifting Cougar

click picture for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThis is a story about Synda, the shapeshifting cougar. Synda is human, but she also has the gift of being a shapeshifter. She cares for all homeless pets discarded by their uncaring humans. These careless people buy their pets, domestic or wild, just because they were cute or exotic to own, as a social status symbol. In other words, they become pet owners just to show off to their friends. Then when they find out there is so much work to keeping a pet, they just simply get rid of them – sent off to fend for themselves, hurt and broken. Synda then finds these unwanted animals and become their mother and caretaker.

Synda knows that there are also good humans around, and she would regularly visit them especially at night. Since she possesses the power of invisibility, they are not aware of her, and don’t become frightened by the sight of a rather ‘large cat’ sitting by them and smiling!

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding ~ Albert Camus

Once upon a time, Synda became interested in a small toddler female. She just knew this child possessed some spiritual gifts, and she also saw that the girl’s heart was full of love for any and all animals, and for humans too. “This child is a special soul, and I must help guide her as much as I can,” thought Synda.

Synda would visit Annie as much as she could. Annie could see the big cat that stood in the corner of the room. The little girl always welcomed night time when the room was in total darkness. She would stay awake, to watch all of the beautiful colored lights flashing and dancing around the room.

Annie also loved her nighttime friends being around her. She always felt comforted when she saw the ‘big cat’ in the corner of her room. She sometimes felt very frustrated being in a very small body, or having to sleep in a wet diaper. She was physically at the mercy of her parents, depending on them to feed her, prop her up, or give her a stuffed animal or doll to keep her company. Maddening! So, when Annie was about a year and a half, she taught herself how to climb out of the crib, and climb back into it. This little girl was proud of her new trick.

Annie’s mom and dad usually had lots of company over in the evenings. One particular lady was Annie’s godmother, Zara. Now, Zara had a rather large mouth, and a big loud screaming laugh. Annie would perform her trick of getting out of the crib, running into the kitchen, where everyone would congregate. When Annie saw Zara, she would look her over, and proceed to say words about what was happening in Zara’s life, in her best baby talk. Zara subsequently became frightened of little Annie.

Zara was very superstitious. There were always good luck charms around her neck, and she would do some very stupid little rituals, whenever she felt something supposedly ‘evil’ around her. So whenever she was around, Annie was constantly ‘blessing’ herself. And Zara became convinced that Annie had a demon inside of her. Synda was always upset for the sweet little toddler, whenever that witch woman, Zara, was around.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it conscientiously ~ Pascal

So, sadly and ultimately, Zara convinced Annie’s parents to have an exorcism performed on Annie. They set the whole thing up one night. Synda was right there, ready to pounce on Zara if things got out of control.

Now, remember Annie was just about two years old at the time, so everything seemed like an adventure or playtime to her. First, Annie was bathed in a candle-lit bathroom. Synda remained right there with her. Then she was carried to a table surrounded by many candles. She was laid down in the center. There were about eight women present, most of whom Annie didn’t know. Then they all started chanting, shouting, and praying, and pouring warm oils over Annie.

In the meantime, Synda was present. They could not see her, but they did hear some very loud guttural sounds coming out of the cougar’s mouth. This convinced them even more that they were removing a demon!

Finally it was over. Annie, sad and frightened, was wrapped up and put into bed. While Synda the shapeshifter proceeded to save the night. The exorcist women climbed into an old station wagon, to drive home. When they got onto the highway, a vision came over them of a very huge cougar roaring, and charging at their car! Of course, there followed a small accident. No one was really hurt physically, but they did become very, very, frightened, and never performed an exorcism on anyone again!

After these events, Annie’s parents became very remorseful and embarrassed for allowing Zara to talk them into this. Fortunately, Zara took off to Hollywood shortly after. Her big dream in life was to become a movie star, and marry a famous handsome actor. Sadly this never happened for her. Karma really does have a way of kicking butt!

Happily this was the only dark experience for Annie. For the rest of her childhood, she had many happy things going on as the result of her psychic gifts.

This is a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

About The Author: Gabrielle-Claire

Gabrielle-Claire is basically a spiritualist psychic reader. She gives the messages that her guides are giving her. She is also a gifted psychic healer and works with a senior member of the Aquarian Foundation. She gives readings and healings at her home, and also at a shop near to where she lives. You can have a reading from her at Psychic

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