Healing – The Natural Path Back To Spirit

Click picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSome people imagine the phenomenon of ‘healing’ (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to be this utterly extraordinary experience. I don’t discount the miracle of healing. I healed from a severe health crisis myself in 2016, and continue to heal to this day. That being said, I believe the process of healing is really a universal one.

We have all lived, in a sense, a life of rebellion, even if we may seem like the most peaceful creatures. We were born into this existence, and know no other way.

Even our parents ‘broke the rules’ somewhere along the way. Maybe they fed us too much fast food, bought us toxic toys or violent computer games, used the television set as a babysitter, or participated in many other modern examples of doubtful ‘caring’ for us… in ways that may not be what the Divine Creative Force originally intended for us.

We need to move beyond the idea of ‘environment’ and fall back in love with Mother Earth ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

However, our parents had good intentions. They knew no other way than to do the things they did. “Everyone else does it,” many parents said to themselves. Many even called it “progress.”

It is interesting to question many of the contemporary methods of our existence and fathom what life might be like if we returned to living in a more natural state – in communion with the harmony of nature. Even the modern invention of shoes takes us away from our natural state. It has been shown that just ten minutes of ‘earthing’ (walking without shoes) has incredible grounding and healing benefits.

I have reflected much on what it would be like to live naturally, just like the plants and animals do, but in a way that also reflected humanity as the crown creation of Divinity.  I believe it could be a utopian society of high intelligence, wisdom, and respect for the healing power of Mother Nature.

There are those that see the value of utilizing resources that are compatible with natural living, but the dominant structure and pressures of society is in conflict with this viewpoint. Mainstream society continues to pursue methods of existence that are not in harmony with the Earth and our natural state, and typically these forces of resistance do so with a monetary goal in mind.

As a result we may face the inevitability that we can never fully return to a natural state. However, we can learn to equip ourselves as much as possible, so that we can enjoy the more Divine state, and free ourselves from the temptation of merely being ‘in the flesh.’

No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature ~ Deepak Chopra

In my own healing journey, I discovered that as I raised my energy vibration, I seemed to escape many former temptations that used to plague me. It was almost like I was being raised through a channeled funnel. I could appreciate the beauty of the world in its true simplicity. Simple colors enthralled me, where before I needed a dazzling artificial light display to achieve the same effect. Other also people did not ‘get on my nerves’ the way they used to. I emerged as a kinder, gentler being.

The process of healing is amazing and profound, but delightfully simple at the same time. It is really nothing more than reuniting the broken human spirit with its Divine essence.

About The Author: Esther’s background in psychiatric pharmacy and patient education leadership provide her with a psychological expertise that most Psychics simply don’t possess. Her transition from pharmacist to online Psychic and her subsequent success with clients allowed her to leave her pharmaceutical practice to pursue a full-time career as a Psychic counselor. She is also an insightful astrologer with a triple Virgo placement that gives her a strong dedication to her practice and a keen devotion to her clients. She currently hosts a weekly radio show and is often invited as a guest on other programs. Esther has already read for over 2000 clients and many on that list are regulars! If you’d like a reading with this highly intuitive rising star who can turn any negative into a positive, you can find Esther at PsychicAccess.com.

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