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click photo for a free psychic reading at‘Empathic energy reading’ is a term I frequently use to describe the work I do. I was born empathic. That means that I can feel what others feel. I also know what people are thinking and basically can read their thoughts from an energy standpoint.

Don’t ask me how I do it, I just do. I am not unique. I have several family members who can do the same. Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but it works just the same.

Reading other people’s energy is something we all do. Ever walk into a room and got the feeling that you were not welcome? Well, that was empathic energy reading at its best. We all have the ability, but learning how to correctly read what you are feeling, and taking your fear and ego out of the equation, is a challenge.

If you can’t find it in your own heart to be compassionate look in someone else’s before giving up on love altogether ~ Ashley Young

That is where people like me come in. By just hearing your voice, or reading the typed or written word, I get impressions of your energy. How you were raised, your fears, your desires. Things you might be well-practiced at hiding, you cannot hide from me. Even better, when getting into your energy, I can feel the energy of the people you interact with. I can feel and sometimes even see those people and situations very clearly.

Can I predict your future? If you keep on the same path, maybe, but that is not where my purpose lies. It is to help you to make your now the best it can possibly be.

This, you may think is amazing, because you could possibly use my empathic ability to manipulate your situation, to gain ground over the people around you. Sorry Charlie, that is not what this is all about! My purpose is to help you realize damaging patterns in your behavior and help you to understand why people around you behave the way they do. I am here to enhance your ability to read the energy around you and respond appropriately, and more importantly, lovingly to your mate, friends, family and others.

By taking a step back and trying to see the world through another person’s experience, you can gain enormous insight. You can begin to see the patterns of communication and behavior that can damage an otherwise good relationship. You can then go about adjusting your energy, thought processes and behaviors, to better compliment the energy of the people around you. Thereby, creating a smooth and peaceful vibration.

This smoother vibration helps others to be more comfortable and confident around you. You will find people being more drawn to you, rather than avoiding you. You won’t have to work so hard to ‘make’ people like you, or understand you. You will begin to see that people will automatically respond to you in a more open and loving way.

Compassion is more important than intellect in calling forth the love that the work of peace needs, and intuition can often be a far more powerful searchlight than cold reason ~ Betty Williams

When embarking on a love relationship journey, we tend to become overly wordy. We talk about our love and acceptance of our chosen one, but our energy is telling them instead that we are scared of being hurt, we don’t trust them, we don’t understand them, and we generally don’t feel confident about our ability to meet their needs. Wouldn’t you run away if you felt that kind of energy? Well you have and you probably did.

What I desire to bring to you is energy that is confident, sexy and sassy (my favorite phrase). People are drawn to confidence, humor and balance. We all want it, and quite frankly need it in our lives. If we can’t create if for ourselves, we seek it out in others. The only problem is, before we get into a relationship we are confident, sexy and sassy. We know who we are, we like who we are and we know what we want. As soon as that relationship door opens and we step through the door… the vibe changes. We enter the ‘vulnerability chamber.’ A very scary place to be.

So how do we respond? We get nervous, defensive and clingy. A far cry from confident, sexy and sassy. How can we blame that poor sap that thought he was getting confident, sexy and sassy for doing a 180 right back out the door? I am not blaming women for the complete demise of relationships, don’t get me wrong. Here is the thing: while women get nervous, defensive and clingy, men, as they step into the chamber, become nervous, defensive and detached. We as women, then cling harder. This is how the pattern begins.

By using empathic energy reading, you can stop the devastating patterns that have plagued your life. You can do this my getting a private reading from an empath. You can also work on your own to begin to understand your energy vibration better and identify when it is getting out of sync. Meditation is a good way to embark on that journey. It can takes years to develop your understanding of it, but well worth it.

About The Author: Rishi

Rishi is a fun-loving, talented reader in Florida, who began her career reading for church goers, friends and family, in 1992, using the natural intuitive abilities she first realized at age four! Her clients have included: politicians, lawyers, a famous composer and a crew member on CSI. She has studied the human psyche, earning multiple certifications in meditation training and yoga, she's mastered the Energy Body, and is always looking to increase her base of knowledge. Rishi started a meditation and mindfulness website for kids and teens and has mentored many budding psychics along the way. Her four Spirit Guides help her to tune-in to topics very quickly and you will receive a very full reading, packed with messages, from this remarkable, witty and highly accurate reader. You can find Rishi at

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