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Dealing With Negative Energy In A Toxic Workplace

click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMany people encounter negative energies in their workplace. Some of my clients have experienced co-workers who are major backstabbers, employers who treat them unfairly, and just a generally negative vibe altogether! There are, however, some spiritual things you can do right now to protect yourself and your energy in such circumstances.

The Universe sometimes is using people, places and things to tell us to either make changes in our own lives, or move on to another place of employment. This is where a good psychic advisor can help you determine whether you should stay, or go.  The point is to pay attention to the signs that show up in your life.

In the meantime, it is good to use the powerful energy of the Universe, and the spiritual and metaphysical tools at your disposal, to help you get through these times of turbulence. Here are some psychic protection tips I have personally used with success in my life.

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means ~ Ronald Reagan

Sage Spray

Back in the old days, you would have to burn sage leaves to neutralize negative energy. Now you can buy a sage spray online, or at your local metaphysical shop.

Anytime a negative co-worker, employer or client comes into your work area, just spray! No one will even know you have it. It is also great to clear your work space using the sage spray whenever you feel the need.

Archangel Michael

Call on Archangel Michael for his help and protection. He is the warrior, fighter and protector. I envision Michael as eight feet tall, wearing a red cloak and his golden sword, which he uses to cut out negative energies from our lives.

Michael is also great at cutting those unwanted etheric energy cords we sometimes have with others. Etheric cord are energy connections on the astral plane that attach to us others, whether we are aware of it, or not.

Epsom Salts Bath

Epsom salts baths are great for clearing the negative energy from a rough day’s of work! Just soak in the salts for about 15 minutes or more. It is a wonderful ritual for after work. I use this method all the time as it is good for clearing auras too! Have yourself a nice glass of wine and relax. You deserve it, after dealing with those difficult individuals all day long.

If you don’t have access to a bath tub, or don’t likes baths in general, try the waterfalls visualization, which you can do in the shower. Just envision the water from the shower as a cleansing agent and all the negativity from your aura washing itself down the drain. Do this for a good five minutes or more.

When a workplace becomes toxic, its poison spreads beyond its walls and into the lives of its workers and their families ~ Gary Chapman

Prayer And Meditation

If you are dreading going to work, prayer and meditation can be very powerful. Invoke the angels, your guides and beings of the light, to help ensure you don’t feel alone. You really are never alone. The Universe has eyes and ears everywhere!

Also, do a visualization to surround yourself in a golden light. Gold light helps protect your energy and aura from damage from others.

Job Change

Finally, if it really is time to quit your toxic workplace and look for a new job, then do so. Just the action of looking for a job helps you feel empowered about your current situation. Remember this too shall pass. Nothing is ever permanent.

About The Author: Angelic Amy

Amy's two near death experiences (NDE's) pushed her natal psychic abilities into overdrive and her story is featured in a famous psychic medium's new book! She's experienced a rich life full of more ups and downs than most encounter in a lifetime, which has only helped her connect to her clients on a deeper level. Tapping into her clairvoyant, clairaudient and Mediumship abilities, Amy is a prominent radio show host, has appeared on other radio shows, and is a popular Tarot reader at Psychic Fairs and parties. This native New Yorker is an experienced energy healer, a Reiki Master, and channels gentle Angelic energies through an Integrated Energy Therapy Technique. It's an honor for Amy to help you in your time of need. If that time is now, you can find this gifted psychic at

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