Precognitive Dreams

click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDream interpretation has never been a specialty of mine. However, I do feel moved to write about a precognitive dream I had, and successfully acted upon. This dream happened during the recent Mercury retrograde in August this year.

I dreamed that my vehicle barely evaded a rear-end collision with a car in front of me. At the time, I was postponing repairing my vehicle, due to the fact that I had made the transition from working outside the home, to working from home.  I am fortunate to live in a location where almost everything I need is within walking distance.

My car’s brakes were almost completely shot to the point where they were metal on metal! The dream’s message was clear: do not be foolish, and do not depend on your luck. “Get the brakes fixed!” the Universe said, in no uncertain terms.

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions ~ Edgar Cayce

The next day, I called a reputable, yet reasonably priced auto repair shop that was within walking distance of me. I booked an appointment to get the issues fixed.

Mercury retrograde, in my experience as an astrologer, brings issues with automobiles to light. It can also be an opportunity to get these issues fixed. I have found this time to be an excellent time to recommend to clients to get their cars tuned-up during. Since the planet Mercury also rules electronics, such as computers and cell phones, the same principles apply to these devices.

The power of precognitive dreams is well-known in many religious traditions, such as Judaism and Christianity. For example, in the Biblical nativity story of Jesus’ birth, the three wise men interpreted a precognitive dream, so they did not have to revisit the evil king Herod of Israel. A similar story occurs in the Biblical book of Genesis, where Joseph, one of the sons of the patriarch Jacob, helps interpret several of Pharaoh’s dreams. This helped to avert devastation and starvation in the form of a severe famine.

In the essay, Resurrection, Judgment and the Hereafter, spiritual author Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari asserts that through dreams, humanity can gain complex understanding of complex matters that affect us all, both in the present and the future.  Precognitive dreams of epic proportions are often remembered more vividly than dreams that reflect our subconscious, worldly desires or fantasies. This gives the recipient of the dream a higher desire to search for and interpret the higher meaning.

No, there was nothing unusual in any of these dreams as dreams. They were merely displaced in Time ~ J.W. Dunne

If you are searching for enlightenment on what your dreams mean, I suggest keeping a dream journal. You can keep it by your bedside and upon awakening, record your dreams before the memory of your dream evaporates into thin air. Notice the patterns and themes in your dreams. Not all dreams will have the same significance. You will notice a pattern emerge of how often you may have a significant precognitive dream, versus dreams that merely reflect fantasies, wishes or intentions. Then, be sure to follow up in your journal when you experience any dreams that may actually manifest.

About The Author: Esther’s background in psychiatric pharmacy and patient education leadership provide her with a psychological expertise that most Psychics simply don’t possess. Her transition from pharmacist to online Psychic and her subsequent success with clients allowed her to leave her pharmaceutical practice to pursue a full-time career as a Psychic counselor. She is also an insightful astrologer with a triple Virgo placement that gives her a strong dedication to her practice and a keen devotion to her clients. She currently hosts a weekly radio show and is often invited as a guest on other programs. Esther has already read for over 2000 clients and many on that list are regulars! If you’d like a reading with this highly intuitive rising star who can turn any negative into a positive, you can find Esther at

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