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The Revolving Door Of Disposable Love

click on the photo to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAt least once a day, sometimes more, I have this sort of conversation during a psychic reading: “I just don’t know what to do about our relationship. I love him so much. He just doesn’t seem to feel the same way. He seems distant. Does he really love me?”

Then, before I can even take my cleansing breath to answer…wait for it…comes the customary follow-up question: “Or is there another man in my future?”

So, she loves, loves, loves this man. She can’t even breathe for the amount of love she has bubbling up inside her. Yet, at the first sign of trouble, or even a little break in communication, she is already looking for the next guy to take his place in the revolving door of her love life.

In today’s disposable culture, we throw away people like we do razors, always assuming there’s someone better out there to hang out with, or to work for- people who will never embarrass us, let us down or offend us ~ Kelly Cutrone

If you truly love someone, I mean unconditionally and unequivocally love someone, you wouldn’t be able to just open yourself up to another relationship the very next day. Yes, I said it and I mean it. Let those sheets get cold first…

When I am confronted by this situation, I can’t help but be frustrated. We have become so caught up in today’s culture of instant gratification and throw-away consumerism, that we just expect everything in life to be quick, easy and disposable. Diapers, plates, contact lenses, cameras, even underwear! The list goes on and on. And now we appear to be adding people and relationships to the catalogue.

Well, first of all, we haven’t established a ‘landfill’ for people who didn’t follow the love rules. If that was the case, we’d all surely be in it. Secondly, we are not paper or plastic. We are spirit beings in human form. Yes, we are all flawed and imperfect humans with fears and desires, but we all deserve to be loved. If not by you, then by someone.

How would you feel if your significant other was on the phone to me every time you messed up, telling me the shine has worn off for him, and on which isle in the supermarket of love should he be looking for your replacement?

We live in a disposable culture. We get something, we use it, and when we’re done with it, we throw it away—whether it’s a hammer, a friend, or our partner. We aren’t expected to devote ourselves to anything, so we don’t practice being loyal or committing ourselves to things or to people ~ Daniel Doen Silberberg

Listen, we all make stupid mistakes. We can all be mean, inconsiderate and downright rude to each other. Sometimes we don’t deserve to be loved at all! But thank God, the people that really love us, still do, even when we don’t deserve it.

So, the moral of this story is, if the way your guy is behaving is making you unhappy and the next thought that comes to your mind is, “Who is going to take his place?”… then do both of you a favor, and move on. You don’t love him, you are just biding your time until something better comes along. And you’re afraid that he is doing the same thing to you.

About The Author: Rishi

Rishi is a fun-loving, talented reader in Florida, who began her career reading for church goers, friends and family, in 1992, using the natural intuitive abilities she first realized at age four! Her clients have included: politicians, lawyers, a famous composer and a crew member on CSI. She has studied the human psyche, earning multiple certifications in meditation training and yoga, she's mastered the Energy Body, and is always looking to increase her base of knowledge. Rishi started a meditation and mindfulness website for kids and teens and has mentored many budding psychics along the way. Her four Spirit Guides help her to tune-in to topics very quickly and you will receive a very full reading, packed with messages, from this remarkable, witty and highly accurate reader. You can find Rishi at

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