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When Unsettled Spirits Ask For Help

click on the photo to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA couple of days ago a childhood friend located me through social media. As children she knew of the scary spirits in my home, but I never shared with her my gift of being psychic.

We were talking on the phone, when a male voice came through to me clairaudiently. He was saying the name “Allen” … over and over and over. Eventually, I was forced to ask her who Allen was in her life? But she didn’t know anyone by that name. I said interesting, and went back to our ‘catch up’ conversation.

Later that day, she did some research as to who the previous owner was of her house. It was a man by the name of Allen. Then she confessed that the house was haunted, but didn’t know who to go to for help. I explained, when spirit wants to be heard this is how they may come through.

Don’t matter if you believe in them or not. If they’re there, they’re there ~ Joan Lowery Nixon

A psychic reading, when I am not rushed by my client, sometimes gives unsettled spirits the chance to come through for help. A psychic has bright positive energy that the spirit world wants to connect to. It is like drawing energy from, or tapping into the line connecting your cell phone charger to the outlet.

Very seldom do I hear from evil spirits, but it has happened. I immediately asked my angel, Shashunda, to deal with the evil spirit, which she always does instantly.

Sometimes, when someone passes abruptly and won’t accept that their physical body has died, they won’t go to the light and become earthbound. Their bodiless existence makes them drawn to positive energy from any form.  I have found that sending earthbound spirits to the light keeps a positive balance here in my physical world.

If you feel you have a spirit attachment around you, I can help. Also, regular sageing of your living area keeps you in a clean area. My angel guide is Shashunda, and I am Becky. We would love to help you in all areas of your life.

About The Author: Shashunda

Shashunda is a 4th generation psychic who has worked on many websites and has a flourishing private practice with clients who cherish the wisdom she offers and the peace she provides. Her specialties include love and relationships, soulmate and twin flame relationships, unwanted spirits, and career matters. Her work with law enforcement on cold cases demonstrates her dedication to service and what a valuable tool her gifts are to the community. Shashunda's Angel and three Spirit Guides telepathically give answers to your most pressing questions... sometimes before you even ask them. Contact Shashunda for a reading today at

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