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Earthbound Spirits

click on photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe would like you to understand that on this planet Earth you have chosen to experience duality. And within your framework of duality you have created negative and positive. You have created good and bad. You have created darkness and light.

Part of your awakening and unfoldment toward enlightenment is your ability to transcend your creation here on planet Earth, and to be in complete and total alignment with your highest truth, and that of God, and of the Universe.

As we have spoken before, you are an extension of all that is beyond the planet Earth, but as you are functioning as a human being at this time, we would like to discuss your creation of malevolent and benevolent beings, entities, ghosts, or earthbound spirits.

Just as there is good and bad on planet Earth, and in your reality experience as a human being, so too have you created good and bad within the dimension that surrounds you, the earth plane. You have also created spirits, or ghosts, or ‘trapped energy’ if you will. These are spirits or energies that have chosen not to go into the light. These spirits or energies can influence and interfere as you choose to allow, or deny, in the same way other humans can influence and interfere in your life, if you allow them.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win ~ Stephen King

This might be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but all of your experiences are simply an illusion, as A Course in Miracles points out. The only thing that is real is love. So, then, it would make sense that the invisible energies that you feel around you, are simply a creation of your mind in this time-space reality. We are not talking about spirits that move into the light; we are talking here of earthbound spirits, which are simply a creation and extension of your energy field.

Ultimately these spirits or energies are a creation of your mind, and as you are able to ground yourself and stand in your truth, you are able to connect and align with all that you truly are. Within that alignment is your remembrance of this reality and duality that you have chosen to create.

Part of the New Earth energy, the purpose and function of the ascension of this planet, is to bring in the remembrance of your initial creation – that you are a light being able to transcend the duality created by humanity.

The duality of your human life is a necessary component to the evolution of your soul, and your planet. As you are able to function with this awareness it brings a deeper meaning to your existence, it allows a freedom to move into your field of awareness that may not have existed before, continually bringing yourself back to ground zero, to love.

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness ~ Joseph Conrad

It is within the scope of love that all negativity in your life, in the earthbound spirit world, in the realms of dimension that you have created, will begin to dissolve and disappear.

The most important truth we desire to leave with you here today is that you are not the thoughts in your mind. You are an extension of God, of light, of magnificence beyond words. You have come here for your own personal evolution and as you evolve, so too does this planet. You have come here to help this planet evolve, because as the planet evolves so do you.  You are working with a higher order. Open your heart to receive all that you came here to experience.

I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day.

*Adapted from a recent weekly energy report channeled from Archangel Metatron.

About The Author: Julie

Julie is a psychic Medium, healer, and spiritual educator from Wisconsin with a plethora of metaphysical credentials too long to list here. After her father's passing, almost eighteen years ago, she fully embraced her natural gifts as a psychic Medium and now works full-time helping others all across the globe with spiritual readings and teachings from the beyond. She is the host of two radio shows, the owner of her own healing business since 2007, and heads an online University for international soul development (HSU). Julie is a Channel for Archangel Metatron, delivering clear messages to clients that transform their lives. If you'd like to experience this highly qualified and gifted metaphysician for yourself, you can find Julie at

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