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Psychic Reading During The Full Moon

Click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIf you have been planning to get a psychic reading, then tomorrow’s full moon will be a great time to do it! The full moon has a significant influence on readings, because it is the most powerful psychic time of the moon’s monthly cycle.

The fullness of the moon elicits a raised level of psychic energy, which could be harnessed for a number of uses, including a deeper psychic reading. You may notice that when you receive a reading during a full moon, your information and energy will be more detailed and you will cover many more issues.

Sometimes when you seek a reading at a certain phase of the moon you are instinctively seeking answers to issues that are best resolved at those times.

The wisdom of the Moon is greater than the wisdom of the Earth, because the Moon sees the universe better than the Earth can see it! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

Readings received during the waning moon seem to focus more on the endings of things, such as relationships or careers, while readings received during a new moon often focus on new love, adventures, and prospects.

New moon readings tend to be more positive and deal more with the future, while waning moon readings tend to deal with problems and issues of the past.

Do not be disappointed if you are not able to get the answers you are asking simply because a psychic isn’t able to see beyond your past problems in a reading. You may well need to deal with these issues, before you can follow your true future path.  However, always remember that it is to your advantage to try cleansing your aura so that you are able to be read more clearly.

Now, if you feel ready for a detailed reading please give me a call right now, and let’s get started. The truth of the full moon awaits.

About The Author: Shashunda

Shashunda is a 4th generation psychic who has worked on many websites and has a flourishing private practice with clients who cherish the wisdom she offers and the peace she provides. Her specialties include love and relationships, soulmate and twin flame relationships, unwanted spirits, and career matters. Her work with law enforcement on cold cases demonstrates her dedication to service and what a valuable tool her gifts are to the community. Shashunda's Angel and three Spirit Guides telepathically give answers to your most pressing questions... sometimes before you even ask them. Contact Shashunda for a reading today at

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