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How To Use Charm Casting For Divination

Click picture to get a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI’ve recently become interested in charm casting, because I’ve begun to notice objects in everyday life that are parallel to the Lenormand Cards* I use in my psychic readings. Charm casting refers to small objects, such as charms you’d see on a necklace or bracelet, that are used for divination.

The premise is that each object has a specific meaning that you’ve assigned to it. For example, a heart can pertain to love; a dog to loyalty; a ring to commitment, even contracts; a house to security and safety, and so on. You ask an open-ended question, then put the charms into a bowl or box, shake, and cast them onto a surface or cloth. By looking at the charm groupings, you will be able to divine the answer to your question.

One of the joys of creating a charmcasting set is the magic and serendipity involved with adding new pieces to it– you never know when a walk through the park (or the parking lot) will turn up a shiny new object, a small bone or a lost piece of jewelry that can be added to your collection  ~ Darla Antoine

For example, if you asked, “How does my boyfriend feel about me?” If that Dog, Heart, and House all fall together in that order, I would interpret that as you moving in together with your partner, who loves you, and is also your loyal friend. The answer always specifically pertains to the question.

You can make your own rules for interpretation. For example, I imagine or even draw a ‘tic-tac-toe’ box on black felt or velvet. I then cast the charms and see where they fall on the sections. The first row is what’s on my mind, second row is the present circumstances, and third row, the future. I also read from left to right — past, present, future.

I also look at the ‘focus’ charm, the one that seems to be in the middle, and what charms are closest to that. If they are near, then the outcome is sooner and affects the questioner more directly in ways that are defined by your meaning assigned to each charm. If other charms are far, they have less effect, but are still in play. These are my rules, but you can make up your own.

You will get great results with about 32 items. To begin building your charm collection, gather items that are meaningful to you, such as a sentimental piece of jewelry, an item or something you find outside and might write on. Although traditional methods use items from the natural world, such as stones, rocks, bones, or leaves, we have access today to manufactured charms which are sold in bulk at very affordable prices. That, combined with natural stones and some jewelry, is what I’ve used to build my collection.

To get started with charm casting, make a list of what is important to you: money, career, love, family, home, computer, mother, father, siblings, animals, health, and associate a charm with each.

In my system I have listed several items and their meanings, mostly derived from the Lenormand system:

  • Horse, car  – a message will be delivered soon
  • Clover –  a short opening of good luck
  • House  –  security, where you live, safe, enclosed
  • Ship –  long distance travel, international trade
  • Tree – good health, deeply rooted, stabile
  • Clouds –  dark and light—confusion and enlightenment
  • Snake  –  usually a woman, flexible, quick-acting, danger
  • Coffin  –  end of a cycle, start over, give up
  • Bouquet of flowers  –  Joy, beauty, a gift
  • Knife or Sythe  –  cutting away, surgery, separation
  • Whip or broom – repetitive, sex, arguments, cycle
  • Birds  –  conversations, chatter, gossip, interview, verbal communications
  • Child  –  start of something new, an actual child, dreams, innocence
  • Fox  –  sly, delusions, disloyal, deceit, lies, usually a red-haired woman
  • Bear  –  money, boss, grandmother, strong, physical
  • Stars –  ideas, opportunities, multiples, skills, night time, internet
  • Stork  –  literally a baby being born, moving, positive change

Charm casting can be quite fun to use. Building your own collection and determining their meanings is a process, and one I hope you enjoy!

I think it’s important to devise your own method of interpreting each charm or object in your set. When you find a charm or object that speaks to you, it should give you an immediate connection to its symbolism. If it doesn’t, put it back or save it for later. ~ Kristen R

Through the ages, every culture has used some form of meaningful natural material for divining, or telling the future. African bone throwing is still used today. You may have heard of Runes, used in the 1st and 2nd centuries BC. These are small organic objects onto which letters of an early Germanic alphabet were carved. Today, we still use Runes for divination.

In my research, I learned that reference to casting was noted in 332 BC as a way to communicate with the Divine. Where and how they lay when casted would yield the message. The Old Testament refers to Urum and Thummim  (objects connected with the breastplate of the High Priest and used as a divine oracle to tell whether a person was innocent or guilty) as well as the Tablets of Destiny which were worn on armor for protection in battle. Native Indian tribes used cowry shells for divining.

*Lenormand cards are named after a famous French fortune teller, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, who lived from 1772 until 1843. Among her clients were Josephine and Napoleon. As the story goes, M. Lenormand read for Josephine and predicted she would become a great empress one day. Much later, Napoleon sat for a reading, his marriage to Josephine predicted, but after learning that he would fall from power, imprisoned M. Lenormand for 15 years. After that, she became more popular than ever, and had long lines of people waiting for a reading from her. She likewise influenced the development of fortune cards in the late 18th Century, which were based upon ordinary playing cards.

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