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The Other Dimensions

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDid you know that there are other dimensions or realities that co-exist side by side with us?

From very early childhood I have been blessed with seeing elements of this from time to time. Believe me, if everyone could see this, the world might be a better place by now.

Just imagine no more wars, and no more people stepping on their neighbors for various selfish reasons. I think humanity would be more concerned with elevating its spiritual growth, if everyone was more aware of the other dimensions.

The first time I remember seeing quite a few ‘people’ in spirit. They were there, and you could kind of see through them? I went running to my mother, frightened. Her answer to me was: “don’t pay any attention to this, Gabby; everyone in the family sees these things. They cannot hurt you.”

Our minds are thus tuned or tunable to multiple dimensions, multiple realities. The freely associating mind is able to pass across time barriers, sensing the future and reappraising the past. Our minds are time machines, able to sense the flow of possibility waves from both the past and future. In my view there cannot be anything like existence without this higher form of quantum reality ~ Fred Wolf

Since then, I really do feel blessed, because I have seen my Angel, which really looks like something from a painting. Beautiful colors and a beautiful light emanating from the Angel. I remember thinking is it a man or a woman? It was truly beautiful, and they are very real.

I have also seen ‘ghosts’, those who do not realize that they have passed. I have also had some of my guides materialize in front of me and I have seen the etheric bodies of living people. It is all very fascinating!

If you have had some of these experiences, please do have a reading with me and we can analyze the experience and find its true meaning.

About The Author: Gabrielle-Claire

Gabrielle-Claire is basically a spiritualist psychic reader. She gives the messages that her guides are giving her. She is also a gifted psychic healer and works with a senior member of the Aquarian Foundation. She gives readings and healings at her home, and also at a shop near to where she lives. You can have a reading from her at Psychic

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  • As we delve deeper into quantum physics these parallel universes become more apparent. Want proof? Check out particle physics.

    R. WhiteWolf

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