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Magical Symbolism And The Subconscious Mind

click on photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSome people spend a whole life-time trying to fit in, constantly adapting to the ideas and beliefs of other people. This can be very frustrating, and depressing, because when we do this we are not being true to our ourselves.

I believe that we are all born in this world with our own special gifts, talents, and abilities. This must be shared with the rest of the world, for the purpose of our mutual spiritual growth and expansion. This is quite necessary for our own soul evolution.

My dear psychic mentor, Grace, who now one of my guides, as she is no longer in this physical life, taught me a truth that the Christ also taught: “Be in the world, but not of the world.” We live in a negative world of oppression, disease, strife and competition. But we must learn to be not of this world; we must learn to deal with obstacles, and interference. This is where  we may use the practice of using symbols, to overcome and release us from all these worldly challenges.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind ~ Winston Churchill

The magic starts with visualization, which enable us to get into the power of our subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is mostly busy dealing with logic, reason and the mundane world of everyday life. No magic there! But our subconscious minds are more open and impressionable. It doesn’t know the difference between what is real, and what is imagined.

Eventually the subconscious brings to fruition the images and symbols we visualize. With this magical use of symbolism, we can deal with financial problems, for example, by picturing ourselves as a courageous fire walker. This may sound silly to our logical minds, but subconsciously it works. See yourself walking through flames of financial trouble and the high cost of living. See how you are invulnerable to their heat; become impervious to the flames.

Or picture yourself walking on a stormy sea. The wild and dangerous waves represent all of the negativity that are blocking your happiness. By walking calmly over them, you conquer the oppression.

There are times that we are harmed by gossip, or ridicule. The way to visualize yourself out of this, is to imagine yourself  standing amongst a group of people. They are gossiping, and challenging your life in a negative ways. Now imagine yourself to be invisible. See how all of their petty comments and insults just go right through you. You are oblivious to their opposition.

We can also impress the subconscious by looking at pictures that symbolize various things. You should ideally have a picture in your bedroom or living space that you can gaze at a few times a day. For example, if you are having trouble with your studies, flashing the picture of an owl a few times a day will activate your power of concentration, and start improving your learning ability. The Owl is an archetype representing wisdom.

Don’t try to change the world. To find yourself in a new world, change your thoughts ~ Debasish Mridha

Other examples of powerful symbols include:

  • Anchor – hope and salvation
  • Ark – like Noah’s Ark, this may bring about safety in danger.
  • Dove – a deeper sense of spirituality
  • Fire – life force
  • Flower- beauty
  • Fountain – a power source
  • Fox – craftiness and slyness
  • Halo – supernatural power
  • Heart – to bring in love
  • Island – refuge
  • Mask – transformation
  • Oak tree – for a long life
  • Shield – self-defense or psychic protection
  • Sphinx – the fourth dimension
  • Star – hope
  • Throne – security and hope
  • Warrior – unleash latent forces within your personality

Color symbolism can also be used subconsciously to achieve certain results in your life. Subconsciously, when we meditate on a specific color while thinking about a certain problem or decision, can support us in creating the solution.

Examples of color symbolism include:

  • Red – passion, anger, creativity, lust; it also represents energy and strength.
  • Blue symbolizes – peace, calmness, harmony, hope, restfulness, and friendliness.
  • Green symbolizes – growth, physical healing, vegetation, fertility, and adaptability; nature and natural life, and also meditation.
  • Yellow – the intellect, and intuition, comprehension, generosity, cognition and spiritual insight.
  • Orange – fire, pride and passion, warmth, emotion, stimulation, skill, and spirituality.
  • Purple – power, transcendence, hope, holy desire, trust, confidence and expectation.
  • Violet – holiness, spiritual aspiration, ideation, mental reproduction and sacredness.

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Gabrielle-Claire is basically a spiritualist psychic reader. She gives the messages that her guides are giving her. She is also a gifted psychic healer and works with a senior member of the Aquarian Foundation. She gives readings and healings at her home, and also at a shop near to where she lives. You can have a reading from her at Psychic

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