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The Wonder Of Your ABCs

Click picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comTo understand spirituality, it is important to go back to the fundamentals. It need not be overly complicated. Simplicity is recommended. I have noted that when trying to discern or understand complex systems or ideas, really what is most needed are only a few foundational aspects. It is really that easy.

For one, we have a few inherent principles in religion that are structurally similar throughout history. This can be seen in the way they are written, starting from the cuneiform alphabet, to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, and Asia, with these tenets being spread all across the continents as the cultures migrated and merged.

A man has perished: his corpse is dust, and his people have passed from the land; it is a book which makes him remembered in the mouth of a speaker. More excellent is a roll [scroll] than a built house, than a chapel in the west.It is better than an established villa, than a stela in a temple ~ Papyrus Chester Beatty IV

In fact, we can trace the Roman alphabet all the way south into Africa, as the Romans had migrated even that far. As the people took their boats from the northern ice floes south to South America, the cultures continued to merge, possibly with Asian influences meeting the oldest human specimens found in the caves of South America. The continental ice shelf served as a modest, yet effective communicator for the east of Asia to the east of north America, and thus, somehow met up with the Norsk influences who then traversed from Norway into northern Canada a few centuries ago, bringing pictographs.

When Genghis Khan who himself was abducted and taken as a slave he was forced to become the ruler of most of Northern Asia, almost soon after China became the ruler of art and writing. In fact, it so became such through a female leader who was a refined empress who loved the art of pictographs so much that she developed it as a luxurious art form. Korea then spread the word of art and communication through the first printing press, before Gutenberg mass produced it, who then adapted it to print the Bible, as manuscripts where too unyielding and slow for the spread of Christianity in Europe.

The actual idea for writing or pictographs was to transfer ideas of agricultural writing and seasonal changes so that people would know when to water their crops and where to go when the seasons changed, which was measured through the constellations. Most amazingly though it was used for one of the greatest treaties of mankind between a smaller group of rulers, the Anatolian Hittites and the Hurriets to broker peace with Egypt, who shared their writing with their peoples to merge their 30 000 Gods to broker peace and create trade in the Iron Age.

Very little remains of this civilization yet, it is known that the present work undertakes to establish the nature and structure of the hitherto mysterious language of the Hittites, and to decipher this language. It will be shown that Hittite is in the main an Indo-European language. So little is known that in fact Thirty thousand Gods could have been shared with such generosity and accepted with such faith, and yet so little remains of this story or of its legacy.

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