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Psychic Readings And Time Predictions

Click picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comReadings and timing are unpredictable, as people are. Yet, if it is fate that a person will meet a certain person, or a certain event will occur, it will happen. If it is not fated to happen, then the event will not occur. All events and actions, until the ages of the ages, will all cooperate like a complex series of intertwined stacks of domino effects, until that exact moment in time when your important event takes place.

When a person asks me when an event will occur, and on what date, I can often at least pinpoint a time frame when it will happen. I may receive messages from spirit of exact dates, and I may hear or see the number of days, weeks, months, and years when it will occur. Most of the time I see the season, or I receive messages of a certain time frame, such as two weeks or two months.

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side ~ The Talmud

The most perplexing timing problem I have ever had is when I dream of an event. I believe this is true of many dreams. The dreams we remember that occur right before we awaken are often predictors of the future. However, these dreams are unpredictable when it comes to timing. The events may occur the same day, and we can recognize this, or scarily enough, years later.

For example, I had a perplexing dream about ten years ago. It was confusing and just weird. I often thought it about since then, wondering what it was about. I would puzzle about it for a minute, then put the thought aside. I never understood it until I watched a documentary on television yesterday about drugs and gangs. The dream told me about something I did not know about prior to the documentary. A drug gang’s secret language would not make sense to most of us. But this documentary explained everything that my dream was about. Now the situation is common knowledge to me.

The predictions I make during live psychic readings are much more accurate. If I understand the situation, I also understand the small and unimportant events that led up to the memorable event. However, this is very important, if a psychic senses a situation she has trouble explaining, it is because she is unfamiliar with your issue. You are the only person who can understand her visions when she describes them to you. Listen very carefully to what she is telling you about her vision.

Sometimes a situation must develop to its full potential before an event occurs that defines it, as in my dream, when large groups of people were involved in something that has never occurred before in our history. This is another reason why timing is so difficult.

You may have heard of Nostradamus? He predicted events that would occur centuries later. He explained things very well, but he did not understand everything he predicted, like we do today. It is difficult otherwise, to predict an event. If I do not see or hear a date, then the timing of your question is fluid.

Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life ~ William Faulkner

Let me explain my reasoning. We humans have found ways to measure time when in fact, there is no real separation between past, present, and future. Albert Einstein have acknowledged this along with other scientists in the field of Relativity. In the spirit world, there is no such thing as time and there are only few people with that special skill. Due to the nature of time, it is better to therefore use timing as a guide and not as a fact set in stone.

The other reason timing is difficult to predict with accuracy is because we have the power to change timing. When we feel good, we are aligned with the most enlightened energies of the Universe, which means that we are in a state of allowing our hopes to manifest, according to the Law of Attraction. However, when we feel bad, we are not connected to this Universal Force and are not readily open to receive the things we want. Then what we want takes longer to manifest, maybe even until our next lifetime.

This means that if a psychic has predicted that something good is going to happen within a certain time, you can make it happen faster if you are in a positive and receptive mode. A good psychic will therefore always guide you towards your brightest potential.

About The Author: Lelia Star

A single mom, fashion designer, fitness trainer, and a natural born Intuitive, Leila lives a full and rewarding life in Texas. Her psychic practice includes a growing clientele that includes several famous celebrities. She's mastered many metaphysical tools, including: Tarot, Runes and Astrology, and has been using her natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient gifts for more than thirty years, gifts that go back at least three generations. She can easily tune-in to a client's energy, addressing their most urgent issues and needs. She's always been a strong advocate for women, helping her clients to feel good about themselves, on the inside as well as the outside. Not only is Leila still very active in the Goddess community, but she's a gifted mystic who can communicate with loved ones, interpret your dreams, perform guided meditations and accurately communicate your astrological path. If you'd like clear insights on your past, present and future that will help you embrace your most confident self, you can find Leila at

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