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The Power Of Self-Hypnosis

Click the pic for a free reading at PsychicAccess.comSelf-hypnosis is also a potent tool for change. Hypnosis, the act of relaxing and dwelling in the subconscious mind with positive self-suggestions, helps to bring change to the body and mind.

We are a society seeking change. How can we bring change without changing ourselves? We set out to do the right thing, and then we find ourselves falling into the same old patterns. We need to accept change as part of who we are right now, and to accept that we are now whom we have chosen to become.

First, we must look at the past and accept it. Then, we may see the present and accept it as the now… and live in it. By living in the now, we create our future. We become who we want to through change and reinforcement.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind ~ William James

Self-hypnosis changed my life, long before I knew anything about hypnosis. I hope that the following stories about me will help you relate your life experiences and your understanding of hypnosis and how it may have affected you, to help you make changes now in a more permanent way.

After a childhood drenched in soda and sugar products, I needed almost every tooth in my mouth drilled and filled. I was fortunate to find a dentist with a new practice, and few clients, who was compassionate. I had a phobia of needles.

When I was a young child, I had abscesses on my gums and inner cheeks. One time while having Novocain injected, the needle went through my cheek and the liquid ran down the side of my face. This was enough to inspire me to have dental work without Novocain!

When I was eighteen, I had all my teeth drilled and filled without any type of painkiller, and I had no pain. I could sometimes feel the drill riding on a nerve, but there was no sensation of pain.

How I was able to do it? I did not know until ten years ago when I took a class on hypnosis. In this class, the instructor touched his wife on the forehead and she fell limp and loose in her chair. He explained to us that he had previously conditioned her in hypnosis to instantly enter the state by this simple touch. I then realized what had happened to me in the dentist’s chair. When the drill touched my tooth, I went into a state of self-hypnosis. I had the intent and the purpose necessary to make self-hypnosis work.

The last time I visited a dentist, I was more concerned about my new dentist getting stressed out while working on me, so I have allowed the use of Novocain. He had five rooms of assistants and still had clients waiting. He had plenty of stress already. He scheduled twenty minutes to pull my tooth. About forty-five minutes into the procedure, the dentist was just about jumping up and down on my jaw attempting to extract it. I, on the other hand, was calmly reclined, observing him, his assistant and myself. They were stressed. I was totally loose and limp under self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind ~ New York Times

I wondered how his other clients might do in my place. At one point, he actually dropped a tool into my throat and I caught it with my throat muscles. When in hypnosis, you are safe, in control and very keen! Self-hypnosis works. You only need intent and purpose.

Warts are uniquely vulnerable to hypnosis. It beats the customary treatment with salicylic acid hands down. In a Tulane University study of 41 patients whose warts would not respond to other treatments, 80% were cured with hypnosis. When I read this, the light bulb started flashing!

As a child I had a large wart on my knee that kept getting bigger and wouldn’t go away. An elderly woman who was a neighbor told me how to get rid of it. She told me to get a dry bean, split it in half, rub one half on the wart and throw it as far away as I could, and put the other half into my pocket and forget about it. I flung the one half with all my might into the tall grass and put the second half into my jean pocket. In a couple of weeks, the wart was gone, never to return. That was self-hypnosis, mind over matter; acceptance and belief.

Self-hypnosis does work, even if you don’t know that it is hypnosis. If you want to control pain in your life, hypnosis can relieve your pain, including the psychological pain you experience when you can’t seem to achieve self-control; the pain of believing that willpower is not in your genes; the physical pain in your body. Hypnosis is not a Band-Aid, it’s a positive, constructive investment in your future.

To gain the benefits of hypnosis, visit a hypnotist, hypnotherapist, consulting hypnotist or hypno-coach in your area. Or, get a good book on self-hypnosis or take a self-hypnosis class. Decide what is important to you in your life and make the change that you desire. Set your goals and your dreams and live them; know them, reinforce them and simply change. Utilize your tools and the power of your own mind.

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Tommy has worked as a Spiritualist Medium in New England for over two decades and has served on many boards of spiritualist churches. He's an Energy Worker and Medium of uncommon ability who has trained with the best Mediums in the country. He's helped clients from all over the world receive detailed messages from Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. His information is not only accurate but fast, which is something that clients truly value in the fast-paced world we live in today. If you'd like someone who can tap into your energy, tune into your higher self, and deliver all the answers you seek, you can find Tommy at

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