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Love Just Loves

Click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comLove is not easy. Whether it be loving yourself, loving another, loving your neighbor, your country. Yet, love is also not difficult to indulge yourself in. At any age we can love, we simply need to choose it over everything else.

Do you remember as a child how easily we loved our friends, our parents, siblings, and pets. I had a cousin who was absolutely in love with her little Red Wagon, that classic toy cart produced by the American company Radio Flyer. She would load this metal contraption with her pillows and blankets, climb in, and hug it. She animated an inanimate object, and projected emotion and much love into her red wagon. She loved her wagon and brought it to life. Silly? Not really. People love their cars, clothes, purses, shoes, and ego-driven identities… so, why not love a red toy wagon?

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love ~ Henry Miller

It takes courage to love another, because as a human being many of our attempts fail. Or so we think. When we love from our personality instead of from our heart, we fail at love because it is ego-driven to fill a void. We love from expectations and therefore from a false love. When we love from our head, through logic, we often fail at love. Love just loves. It’s so simple, it just loves. But we complicate it with the ideas we attach to it.

Love is bound to fail unless we actively try on a daily basis to love with true humility, courage, faith and discipline. We all have the capacity to love, and to love deeply. Many of my psychic phone readings are about romantic love. And I repeat over and over again, “Love is very simple, love just loves. Love doesn’t do anything else. It simply loves.”

There’s a standard that was set regarding love. It’s to be found in The Bible (the Book of John to be exact). I’ve written about it before. I could probably write volumes on the subject of love. But love is actually quite uncomplicated. It just loves.

Human love, romantic love, yes, it is sometimes messy, dirty, even ugly, but it is also beautiful, pretty, and feisty. Love can be possessive. It needs and it wants, and it pushes and pulls, and retreats. And it hurts and harms.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make ~ Paul McCartney

So, if love just loves, how is it that love can harm or hurt? Well, that would depend on your personal definition of love. We have a social standard of what love is supposed to look like, how it is supposed to be, but I rarely see that definition of love working perfectly. Why? Because we are imperfect beings with unchecked egos, with unmet needs, desires and longings. We are possessive, angry, passionate and so very afraid to be vulnerable.

If we just love, there is a possibility that we may not be loved back by the person we love. We may stand on the outside watching them walk away with someone else they love. But love just loves. Our hearts may ache and we may wind up in a ball on the floor, with tears streaming down our faces, asking why they don’t love us… That’s human love. We are human. Our love can be painful, or it can just love through the pain.

About The Author: Jacklyn

Jacklyn is able to read the heart and energy patterns of others, uncovering the true intentions that create their realities. She lives in Northern California, where she's counseled over 3000 clients, and has worked with police on missing person and cold cases. She's read for clients around the world, consistently astonishing them with her abilities. An expert in Tarot, Astrology and Dream Interpretation, for over thirty-five years, she's utilized these tools to see, hear and feel messages on just about every subject. Jacklyn is a firm believer that we are the creators of our own lives and knows that Miracles are built on faith. As long as you believe, anything is possible! If you'd like a reading with this Intuitive Wonder, you can reach Jacklyn at

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  • You are so right and you have taught me not to give up on my true love and to fight for him with my heart.

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