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The Power Of Thought Energy

Click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe power of our thoughts are presented to us daily, and many miss the messages or responses to what they themselves are putting out. The incredible power of thought is an energy.  Energy can calm  or disrupt. Know that this power also belongs to you. Thought evokes emotion and emotion evokes thought. This is our cycle.

Do you hold that much power? Yes, you do. Collectively it is a force to be reckoned with. It brings to mind an expression my mentor would use in regards to people’s words and actions: “If they only used their power for good.” Says it all.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy as ‘thick’ or ‘unwelcoming.’ I believe we all have. On the flip side, we have also entered a space that was warm, inviting and full of love. Is this ‘atmosphere’ created? Yes, it is… by the people that inhabit that space, or by the energy the people who had been there left behind. We are the creators of our energetic environment. This ties into love and relationships in a big way.

The greatest force is derived from the power of thought. The finer the element, the more powerful it is. The silent power of thought influences people even at a distance, because mind is one as well as many. The universe is a cobweb; minds are spiders ~ Swami Vivekananda

We create our own environments energetically, and can co-create environments energetically. When we send mixed signals that is exactly what we receive in return.

When a person sends  a message of intent (energy) through thoughts, words or actions, the receiver may not be ready to get that message. They will not understand it, or connect to it.  In this world of ‘instant response,’ it does not go over well with the sender. If you are a person whose personal agenda comes with a checklist that includes answering in a timely manner, this can breed disdain and miscommunication, not to mention that it reeks of control issues.

Instant responses to messages, whether it is the written word, spoken words or energetic pulling may be today’s demand, but not for everyone, thankfully. But there are also those who demand to know, when they energetically invest into someone or something, and it is not responded to in an allotted time-frame, whether they are either being dismissed or disrespected.

Face it, it is more than difficult to function under that type of pressure. Have you energetically created an atmosphere that is open and communicative with no preconceived notions? Or have you created an atmosphere of instant response within your own personal agenda?

In your hands will be placed the exact results of your thoughts; you will receive that which you earn, no more, no less. Whatever your present environment may be, you will fail, remain, or rise with your thoughts, your wisdom, desire, as great as your dominant aspiration ~ James Allen

Never underestimate the power of planting the seed of thought.  This is energy at its finest. Put out the thought or idea, then leave it alone. That person will in fact get the message at the right time. Remember, this doesn’t mean your time. Each of us run on our own agendas, they may not match, nor are they always  meant to.

About The Author: Isthemus

Isthemus is an experienced psychic advisor with her own Metaphysical Company based out of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. A natural born empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant, intuitive Counsellor and psychic advisor. Patty still does Paranormal Investigations as well as teaching workshops on how to interpret signs. You can talk to Isthemus at

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