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The Spiritual Innocence Of Children

Click picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe sacrament of baptism is a Christian ceremony of washing away ‘original sin.’ Most Christian religions believe that every soul is born into the world with such sin. It is believed that baptism must be performed, and if it is not done, and the person dies, then the spirit of that individual will go to a place called Limbo, which is described as the upper region of the state of Hell. Personally I do not buy this.

I believe very much in the Christ Spirit. He is very much alive and well, working on this planet we call Earth. I think that the Christian religion was meant to be a good thing in this world. It is good for family values, and gives children a good structure, and a sense of right and wrong. It is meant to bring a message of peace, hope and unconditional love to humanity. But I don’t feel that anyone has the right to condemn an infant to Limbo, just because his family didn’t make it to baptism yet.

You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been ~ Aberjhan

There are so many good and pure spirits constantly being born into this world, and just because they didn’t have the good fortune to be born into one religious tradition instead of another… well, no one has the right to pass judgment on them, or to say they are carrying around sin in their spirit.

I am sure that we all have enough karma we are carrying around when we all start a new life on Earth. I also believe that the mother and the father of an unbaptized child who does die, will suffer more with a needless guilt for the rest of their lives.

In the Christian doctrine it is believed that the unbaptized soul, that passed into spirit, would be condemned to Hell forever, never having the chance to evolve spiritually. This seems like a certain real death to me. I do not believe that God would judge and condemn any soul this way, especially the infant soul who is so spiritually beautiful, just coming to Earth, directly from Heaven, and is part of the Father God of Heaven.  The soul that is within the child is perfect and beautiful.

I feel that instead of baptism being done, a special welcoming the child, who has just come from Heaven, should be performed as a special blessing from the church and their religious community.

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