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Does He Miss Me?

Click picture for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDoes he miss me? I hear this all the time. In my psychic work advising on love and relationships, it breaks my heart, because I know what it feels like to ‘not be missed’. “I wish he would miss,” me is a heart-breaking statement if ever I heard one. My heart goes out to anyone who has ever wanted to be missed.

It’s sweet when someone is in love with a righteous lover who has been a good person, with few flaws and much to recommend them. Yet, sometimes that lover leaves, or a relationship explodes. But how do you keep from letting the hurt or feelings of loss drive you crazy?

First of all, it’s not healthy to let anything drive you crazy. It should go without saying that going crazy isn’t on your bucket list, right?

Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over ~ Guy Finley

Or, if you haven’t been perfect in the relationship there’s a chance your partner left because of it. It amazes me how people these days expect perfection from others, yet aren’t capable of being perfect themselves.

Either way, our life goes on and asking, “Why doesn’t he miss me?” is a question you should let go of. By loving yourself, fixing yourself if need be, you’re doing the best thing for everyone. It’s the pain of loss that hurts so bad, and it can cripple the ability to move forward.

So, how does one deal with the pain of loss of a relationship? No sad music, please. Don’t engage in anything sad. Listening to emotional, sad music, for example, can be a killer when going through the pain of loss of a relationship and if you are serious about dealing with the pain. Don’t go here. Music is an amazing emotion-stimulator and an awesome tool, however, it can also be damaging in times like these.

Instead, keep your happy meter happier than before. Dealing with pain often means one of the first steps is to walk away, or to not ever thinking about it again. Controlling your thoughts and mind is a huge metaphysical topic, which in no way can be fully covered here, however, it is fact that by removing the past and keeping it current, turning up your happy meter, works! Keep the happy meter up even higher than it was before and recharge yourself. You deserve to be recharged.

Truly engage in at least one new positive thing. After a loss of a relationship, one or the other party, or both, may end up turning to drugs, alcohol or other unhealthy obsessions. Instead of going crazy, which you already agreed not to do, why not engage in at least one new, healthy thing?

When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead ~ Barney Stinson

“No one said it’s easy,” is a cliché most do not appreciate, yet it’s easier than most would think. I can make that statement, boldly, knowing quite well that the above three ways of dealing with the loss truly do work. I am also no stranger to loss, myself and having spiritually counseled others in love and relationship, over the years, I know the one common thread that binds them – the agonizing, excruciating, mind-numbing pain of loss.

And while most are agonizing, and killing their minds with pain, what they should be doing is stop being agonized, stop listening to the music, push the past in the past and begin to do things that do make you happy… and a whole lot healthier.

You should be happier than ever to write a new chapter in your life. I realized this for myself, one day, while I was thinking about my own ex-partner. I wondered why he didn’t miss the good things and only ‘weirded out’ on the bad. How is it that he couldn’t love me? I agonized myself for a few minutes and then realized it was me who was causing the pain, not him.

To answer the question, “Why doesn’t he miss me?” I often say this: He is weaker than you in a sense that his own emotions just can’t handle some of the things that happened in the relationship. He’s pushing his own pain out of his mind, so that he won’t miss you.

Trust me, they miss us. It’s impossible not to at least think of the good mixed with the bad, and if there was plenty of good you can bet it’s much-missed.

Move forward in your life, after the pain of a lost relationship. Be an angel and continue on with patience, kindness, goodness and all the best love describers, and be blessed. The end of the relationship will feel like the end of the world only if you let it. I pray you are strong enough to not let it. I pray you are strong enough to turn away from anything depressing in this, your time of grieving.

Remember to never lose faith. I’ve seen a large percentage of relationships actually do mend ways, sometimes many, many years in the future. Love truly never ends. I pray if you do chose to love the lost that you do it in a healthy way and still let go, so that you can see for yourself the true power of love.

About The Author: Kathryn

Kathryn hales from a long line of gifted Psychics, inheriting the most important gift of all from her mother: love. At three, an intense vision became the foundation of her Intuitive talents and she's been studying, honing and teaching her craft ever since. An expert Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Empath and adept at Telepathy—to name but a few of her gifts--it is with overriding compassion and love that Kathryn dispenses her highly accurate insights to others in ways that empower and transform lives. In her illustrious career, she's had her own advice column, she's assisted the police in solving a murder, she predicted the events of 911 before they happened, and has gone from rags to riches utilizing the power of manifestation that she learned as a child and now teaches to others. From her energetic home by the ocean in Florida, Kathryn dispenses a lifetime of wisdom and relationship guidance and offers the power of honesty that cuts through any concern. If you'd like a reading with this tremendously talented and loving practitioner, you can find Kathryn at:

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