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Spirit Speaks Through

Click now for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comLast year, I woke from a dream that had me worried about a close friend for months before he went on vacation. I vividly ‘saw’ him sliding off a dock and into the mouth of a giant shark, which savored every bit of him, before he disappeared. Alarmed, I awoke and sat up, shaken by the gruesome vision.

Knowing my friend well, I knew that if I told him about my dream he would just gently look at me with concern, as if I was crazy, and then change the subject. He would give me the same expression he gave me when I explained to him that fairies were real, but are not visible to everyone. I knew that if I pressed the subject, he might even make fun of me to all our other friends. Yet, I knew I had a responsibility to warn him of impending danger, but how?

Become a good noticer. Pay attention to the feelings, hunches, and intuitions that flood your life each day. If you do, you will see that premonitions are not rare, but a natural part of our lives ~ Larry Dossey

After some time, I relaxed. Perhaps, I thought, the dream was a symbol about something else, such as the economy, or traitorous associates. But one day, he told me he was going to visit a tropical island for vacation, and that he planned to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, and learn to surf. I did not want to put a damper on his joy. I wished him a safe and happy vacation, but then I also felt compelled to warn him about shark attacks in that area.

Judging from the look he gave me, I knew he did not take me seriously. I then thought of how many people risk life and limb participating in extreme activities like rock climbing, surfing in shark-infested waters, descending into volcano craters, skydiving, and other potentially dangerous and fatal sports. I also wonder why people want to do these things? After all, if one makes a single wrong move while rock climbing, for example, one will fall, perhaps a very long distance, onto hard rocks.

Why do some of us feel thrilled by danger? Perhaps the adrenaline rush is a way to overcome fears and when we achieve our goal, and afterward, we feel stronger and more capable of achieving objectives in our everyday lives. I too have been known to hang precariously from cliffs to view an obscure waterfall. But to me, the thrill was not the danger, it was the excitement of viewing one of Earth’s miraculous power spots. Whatever the reason, for my poor friend, I had come to accept his decision. I knew he must go and live out his destiny. I prayed that somehow spirit would ‘speak through’ to him, warning him in enough time to save him.

Spirit speaks through to us, whether we are in tune with our psychic abilities, or not. It often happens when we are troubled or there is a hidden potential danger. As we go about our daily lives we often ignore premonition, or uneasy feelings. But our guardian angels do try to reach us.

Intelligence is a necessity, but when one is without a supernatural sense, intelligence becomes senseless ~ Michael Bassey Johnson

The best advice I can give about allowing spirit to speak through, is to listen and watch carefully for signs. Obviously, we would not listen to just anyone, but if the source is trustworthy, rest assured that the Universe has arranged for you to meet this teacher or guide.

Listen to and watch what goes on around you. If for example, the words to a song on the radio stands out strongly, it might be because spirit is ‘speaking through.’ Spirit speaks through about important good things coming into one’s life too. The signs are there for us, if we just watch for them. It is also good to consult a trusted psychic periodically, who can see important pending changes in your life.

Well, my friend went on the trip, and later reported that he went swimming, snorkeling, and almost went surfing. He took one lesson with a surf instructor, who gave him much advice, including the information that there were several recent shark attacks on surfers close to the resort. As a matter of fact, a woman was severely injured by a shark just the day before. The teacher strongly advised my pal that he should rather surf during a different season.

For once, my stubborn friend took someone’s sound advice. He refrained from his surfing plans and went mountain climbing instead. I felt so relieved! Once more, I witnessed an example of how hard our spirit guides work for us.

About The Author: Lelia Star

A single mom, fashion designer, fitness trainer, and a natural born Intuitive, Leila lives a full and rewarding life in Texas. Her psychic practice includes a growing clientele that includes several famous celebrities. She's mastered many metaphysical tools, including: Tarot, Runes and Astrology, and has been using her natural Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient gifts for more than thirty years, gifts that go back at least three generations. She can easily tune-in to a client's energy, addressing their most urgent issues and needs. She's always been a strong advocate for women, helping her clients to feel good about themselves, on the inside as well as the outside. Not only is Leila still very active in the Goddess community, but she's a gifted mystic who can communicate with loved ones, interpret your dreams, perform guided meditations and accurately communicate your astrological path. If you'd like clear insights on your past, present and future that will help you embrace your most confident self, you can find Leila at

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