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As Above, So Below…

Get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comOur wise ancestors worshipped the stars in the heavens above and considered them to be a direct reflection of the earth below. As you may know, the movement of the planets in our solar system absolutely mirrors everything that is occurring on Earth at any point in time.

Have you heard of the deities known as Nut and Geb? In Egyptian mythology Nut and Geb are twins. Nut is the sky goddess and Geb is the Earth god. In the imagery found in ancient art, Nut is typically shown to be arching over, or mirroring Geb, who lies below. As above, so below…

The Egyptians were exceptionally precise astronomers. The three pyramids at Giza mirror perfectly the three stars in Orion’s belt above. They are Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. These three stars form the most striking and isolated line in the heavens.

The study of the cultures of antiquity in general, and of ancient Egypt in particular, can serve to guide us out of the secular and dualistic impasse that we now face ~ Jeremy Nadler

Just as God is constantly writing his journal across the heavens for us, describing everything that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur, the Egyptians used their architectural mirroring of God’s handwriting in the heavens above as a language. They speak to us from posterity, but humankind has sadly divorced itself from universal law and truth.

The shafts of the Great Pyramid serve astronomical, magical, and alchemical functions. The shafts of the Great Pyramid were also specifically and exquisitely designed to align with stars – Sirius, Alnitak, Thuban, and Kochab. In fact, every single detail of the Great Pyramid encodes metaphysical wisdom left for posterity.

The Great Pyramid, with its ever-evolving astrological alignments, describes our fate. The sphinx is, amongst other things, a warning that the age of Leo is catastrophic. Fortunately, we are far from the age of Leo.

Similarly, other ancient structures around the world were purposefully constructed to mirror the heavens and speak a common astronomical language.

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