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The Elemental Spirits

Get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comOne of the quaintest concepts, that seemed to captivate imaginations around the turn of the 18th century, were the elements and their embodiments in the form of Elemental Spirits. These beings were the personification of the Classical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

In the Middle Ages, great attention was given to these four elements in terms of diagnosis, such as the Choleric being linked to the Earth, which would be thus be linked to Taurus. The Phlegmatic was linked to the water element, or Pisces, which often would diagnose lung disorders, thus the word origin for phlegm.

The idea once held, that the invisible elements surrounding and interpenetrating the earth were peopled with living, intelligent beings, may seem ridiculous to the prosaic mind of today. This doctrine, however, has found favor with some of the greatest intellects of the world ~ Manly P. Hall

Out of these definitions, the elements were given a human animal form in the 18th century, to help further distinguish them. Not only that, they had even deeper distinctions, with the forms of Earth having two levels, the Lower Earth being fixed and immobile, and the Upper Earth being rarefied and virtual. A fifth element, Ether or Aether (quintessence)  was added with the advent of medicine, and Eka elements were considered the yet undiscovered elements.

To help 18the century people understand these principles, the elements were given a human form. These elemental spirit creatures were similar to what we may call Faeries. They fell into the categories of Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders. They were popularized in fiction and were made into volumes of art, and into much of the writing of the time, with popular writers, poets and artists like Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud.

These artists and writers were called the Symbolists. They made storytelling for children and adults delightful and magical. Mystical stories and majestic folktales within this genre abounded, even as far back as the Grecians. The Elementals even fell in love and had children with humans, which in lore resulted in the legend of Hercules, Achilles, Theseus and Merlin.

The Gnomes belonged to the Earth and often dwelled deep within the woodlands and the ground, and were associated with Taurus. They were like all the spirits almost immortal.

The Sylphs  belonged to the Air and would reside in the mists, the fog, the mountains, and often had the privilege of the association of listening to the Gods, because they were muses for the Gods.

The Undines or Sprites of the Water element were the most beautiful, residing amongst the reeds in the water, by the water, in the marshlands or the oceans and the lakes. They inhabited anything that had the property of liquid, and often had the feminine form. They were very rarely male.

The Elementals will bring to light long-forgotten remembrances of the past; forms, images, sweet mementoes, and familiar sentences, long since faded from our own remembrance, but vividly preserved in the inscrutable depths of our memory and on the astral tablets of the imperishable “Book of Life.” ~ H. P. Blavatsky

The Salamanders were the Fire elementals and were essential depicted as communicators through to their Aether, as can be seen in many traditional ceremonies. They are respected as the Elemental who bring life, for food and shelter and spiritual peace.

These creatures were part human, part element, and almost immortal. They would have to revere and respect their own element to survive. They were allowed to interact, even though they were of different elements, but this did not mean they did not have disagreements.

The Elementals did not have need for money or land, and especially the Sylphs traveled constantly, like the wind. Yet the land upon which they commonly resided defined their destiny. Without it, they could not survive. Their own element was their wealth, and shared amongst them all, to be respected. Each Elemental group had to share their element with the others, to exist amongst the other Elementals.

Today the wisdom and transformational power of the Elementals are still found in Gnostic spiritual teachings, as well as religious practices like Alchemy, Wicca and Neo-paganism. They represent the subtle energies and psychological forces found in nature and the Universe. What mystical influences are these mythical entities of antiquity bringing to your daily spiritual practice, and growth?

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