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Moon Metaphysics – The Wort Moon

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Today’s August Full Moon is traditionally known by many names in different cultures. The Native Americans call it the Sturgeon Moon or Green Corn Moon, and some tribes also know it as the Red Moon.

In the Northern Hemisphere the August moon signifies that Earth’s bounty is fully matured and ready for harvest. Wiccans and Neo-Pagans therefore often refer to it as the Wort Moon. Wort is an old-fashioned term for “plant” or “herb.”

My favorite Moon legend is the story “Moon Waters” which originates from Colombia.

Many, many years ago there lived a man named Bochica who was highly honored among his people. Bochica was a very wise man and taught his people how to build sturdy homes to protect them from harsh weather, and how to plant fields and nurture them, so they would be able to reap the crops to sustain them until the next harvest.

Through the generations, people have handed down folktales and legends to delight imaginations and inspire dreamers ~ Gwyndion O’Hara

From the earliest time of mankind Bochica taught the people to care for themselves, turning them from helpless people into self-sufficient, productive people who could be proud.

Bochica was happily married to a woman named Huythaca. For a very long time, theirs was a joyful union. But the time came when their marriage turned sour and their love became resentment.

No one really knows what happened, but Huythaca became discontent. Maybe she realized she was getting older; maybe she felt her husband spent too much time with his people; maybe she just had too much time on her hands. Whatever the reason, Huythaca became bitter towards her husband and his people.

Huythaca’s unhappiness caused the water to overflow the banks of the river, flooding the crops meant to feed the people the following year, and into the homes that kept the people warm and safe. The floods washed away all of Bochia’s good work and took a great many of his people with it.

There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery ~ Joseph Conrad

When Bochica saw the devastation caused by his wife’s discontent, he started cleaning up the mess. He made the waters recede, restored the river to its original state, and dried the land so the crops wouldn’t drown and be destroyed. But, that’s where Bochia’s powers ended. All the people who had drowned, could not be brought back to life. This wounded him deeply and he grieved for the people who were lost, as if they were the children of his blood.

But greater than his grief, was his rage over the destruction Huythaca’s jealousy had caused, and he vowed that her actions would not go unpunished. Bochica then turned his wife into the Moon! To punish her further, he created the first calendar.  Since then, people plant in the spring sun, and depend on the sun to make their crops grow and thrive.

To this day Huythaca can be seen making her trip across the sky at night, and each time someone looks up, they remember the days of her destruction and the importance of the crops for their livelihood. Huythaca’s punishment made her even more bitter, and although she’s high in the sky, she still makes the waters rise above the banks, reminding us that even though her power has been diminished, her restless discontent is still among us.

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