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A Short Walk In Heaven

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comDuring a four-and-a-half hour surgery I had a near-death experience. I remember clearly going toward the brightest white light that I have ever seen, and haven’t seen since. It was a tunnel with a bright light at the end of it. My beautiful angel, Shashunda, was with me the entire time.

When I excited the tunnel, my deceased grandparents and great grandparents were there, along with every deceased pet I had ever owned. They all were happy to see me, but then my great grandmother, Emma, told me I needed to go back.

I felt so happy, positive and beautiful that I really wanted to stay. Emma kept warning me that if I didn’t go back, I would have to stay before my time. She told me about the grandchildren I would have one day and how cute they would be. She said, if I stayed I would miss out on spending time with them and watching them grow up.

Those who have had near death experiences will tell you that realm is far more real than this world, more crisp, vibrant, alive ~ Dr. Eben Alexander

I was so tempted to stay there with all my family, but I finally realized I needed to come back quickly. So, I did, and here I am.

The time I spent in Heaven has left me with the ability to have one foot in Heaven and one foot here on Earth. It makes it easy for me to connect with spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones. I am now blessed to understand Heaven, the afterlife and our ability to connect with friends and loved ones on the other side. I have a lot of deceased spirits coming through during my psychic readings, wanting me to relay a message to my callers.

Now, for some Heavenly details. Heaven has colors that are none like here on Earth. The temperature is what I would describe as a regular, perfect 78 degrees. There are grassy rolling hills and many trees with what appeared to me to be fruit. Everyone in Heaven has a house of their choice of the size and how they want it to look. They also have their choice of pets, and flowers, and vegetable gardens.

Our soulmates have a choice in whether to reincarnate until all their life lessons are completed. A lifetime on earth in a human body in Heaven only seems like a month, or two. So, our partners can choose to stay in Heaven and wait for us, until this reincarnation is completed, and we then return to them. It is like going to the store by ourselves and our beloved stays at home.

In that nanosecond of enlightenment I knew that the human spirit survives the death of the physical body and I understood that my wandering soul needed to get back into its earthly habitat ~ Janet Bettag

Heaven is so big and beautiful that there are no human words to describe it. Once everyone arrives, there is a check-in. Then follows a life review with God. Your entire life plays out on a huge screen with God having a start and stop control like a TV remote control. He stops and asks human questions on certain actions or behaviors. It has since made me live a good life to where there aren’t anything that I think God might not be happy with me in my life review.

Anything you might want to enjoy in Heaven, all you have to do is think it into manifestation. Heaven is just as wonderful as we imagine it, but also countless times better than we could ever imagine.  There is no hardship or negativity in Heaven.  Everything is positive, good, happy, and magnificent!

About The Author: Shashunda

Shashunda is a 4th generation psychic who has worked on many websites and has a flourishing private practice with clients who cherish the wisdom she offers and the peace she provides. Her specialties include love and relationships, soulmate and twin flame relationships, unwanted spirits, and career matters. Her work with law enforcement on cold cases demonstrates her dedication to service and what a valuable tool her gifts are to the community. Shashunda's Angel and three Spirit Guides telepathically give answers to your most pressing questions... sometimes before you even ask them. Contact Shashunda for a reading today at

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