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Stop Right Now!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHow well do you know yourself? Probably, not very well. You are an accumulation of everything that you have ever owned, done, experienced, and been. And I am not just talking about this lifetime; this life is merely another little stepping stone on a very long spiritual pathway.

It’s difficult to master something when you can’t see what you are dealing with, right? But how do you see yourself? The mirror is only a reflection of the physical – it doesn’t reflect anything metaphysical. So, what do you do?

And about that stepping stone: whatever, however, wherever it is – it is your responsibility. Oh my Goddess, you say! How can this be my creation? Because you are the creator, silly. Whatever you have created and wherever you are standing right now, is an absolute reflection of what you are at this time.

Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not ~ Gary Zukav

The irritating, little human mind generally keeps you focused on the rat race. You actually have a choice with that. Humans tend to think that their little mind is what they are. That ‘chitter chatter, constant natter.’ It’s not you. It’s the mind. The problem is that people allow that part of their human self to run the show. That’s like letting your puppy rule you.

Listen very carefully… your mind is a tool. You should be in charge of it. It should be trained and focused to aim its powerful abilities wherever you choose.

You created a body on the earth plane. You create everything. But you don’t behave like a creator. You behave like a human being lost in itself. Stop it right now, and take control. As a minimum, stop behaving like a human being. A human being is not even high on the totem pole of consciousness. Have you observed recently what human consciousness is creating down here?

And just because you are incarnated in human form is no excuse. You can be any form of consciousness, but currently incarnate in human form. Don’t be restricted in any way.

You are a unique, exquisite, powerful, talented, spirited, little Goddess. You contain a microscopic essence of your creator. This makes you a creator. So, get to it.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Sit down for a moment.
  2. Repeat ten times, “What and where I am right now is a reflection of me at this point in time.”
  3. Repeat ten times, “I am a Goddess. I am a creator.”
  4. Repeat ten times, “Henceforth, I will recognize and honor the Goddess and Creator in me. I will recognize and honor myself.”
  5. Repeat ten times, “I commit right now to becoming the best of myself.” “No more bullshit. I am strong, I am ready, and I will hold myself accountable for everything.”
  6. Write down that you are currently in human form.
  7. Write down that your mind is one of the tools at your disposal. No longer will it run you. You are taking control and will consciously and consistently manage and focus your mind like a laser beam. Not one drop of energy should be left unguided.
  8. You will consciously take control of every tool at your disposal. This includes your body. You will worship, strengthen, perfect, and deploy every resource at your disposal.
  9. You now commit to discovering yourself. You will need many tools to do this – use the finest and don’t think that you currently see any more than 10% of yourself and your potential.
  10. As you discover more and more, master it all!
  11. Identify your greatest talents and invest heavily in them.
  12. Identify your dross and drop it.
  13. Become better and better in every moment.
  14. Do not waste anything at all – not one moment.
  15. Train every part of yourself to function like a laser-guided rainbow, spirit-powered sunbeam.
  16. Focus, aim, create. Repeat.

You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly… You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences ~ Abraham-Hicks

And finally, here is a little message from spirit for you:

“We see what you are and we love every part of you. We see far more than you see. We have earned these abilities. You may earn everything. We will reward your efforts and self-mastery with opportunities, insights, abilities and an abundance of resources. Your ongoing efforts will secure and increase our offerings. We reserve the right to remove earnings as and when we observe imbalance or disharmony. We support your full freedom and accountability for your circumstances as a reflection of your purificatory state and commitment to deity. We love you – more than you could ever sense, because we love in a manner so purified that you cannot currently relate to it. Currents flow into and out of you.”

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Born a medium, Steve is a member of the Spiritualist's National Union and a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®. He has given public and private readings since childhood and has studied mediumship all of his life. Steve has amazed clients around the world with the accuracy of his mediumship and psychic ability. His private readings provide inspiring evidence from the spirit world combined with empowering spiritual guidance. One of Steve's greatest passions is helping people understand their personalities, life purposes, and greatest natural talents in order to define their dreams and create the future. Steve believes that we each have a unique life purpose combined with an innate set of talents and opportunities to make the world a better place. He is an avid believer in the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind and our ability to create whatever we choose.
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