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Crystal And Gemstones Are Spiritual Allies

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comCrystals and gemstones, as well as metals, are mostly worn as ornaments – for beauty, fashion and status. Some wear them for the purpose of mystery, symbolism, or psychism. But on a deeper level, they are spiritual allies which, along with our intent, and focus, help to protect and heal our body, mind and spirit.

Diamond engagement rings is a great example. It is said that one must never buy a diamond for oneself. Diamonds are a protective stone, bringing luck, happiness, wealth, and protection against adversity. Buying a diamond for the self, has a negative effect on the wearer. Precious and semi-precious stones and crystals should be chosen with care.

One popular way to become familiar with working with them is to wear your birthstone. Birthstones correspond metaphysically with a person’s astrological sign, the birth month, the planet that rules the zodiac sign, and the angels and spirits that correspond with that planet. It is no wonder then that wearing a birthstone enhances the life of the wearer, causing the spirit to resonate at a higher level. This helps a person to achieve the highest attributes inherent in the horoscope, and protects against adversity.

Wearing, meditating with or carrying crystals helps us get in touch with this essential part of who we are ~ Samantha Fey

Birthstones can be worn by anyone if the person feels attracted to it its energies. I encourage you to study and research the ancient secrets of your birthstone.

List Of Birthstones

Aries – March/April: Diamond.
Taurus – April/May: Emerald
Gemini – May/June: Pearl
Cancer – June/July: Ruby
Leo – July/August: Peridot
Virgo – August/September: Sapphire
Libra – September/October: Opal
Scorpio – October/November: Topaz
Sagittarius – November/December: Turquoise
Capricorn – December/January: Garnet
Aquarius – January/February: Amethyst
Pisces – February/March: Aquamarine

There are other stones which correspond to the birth signs, but these are the main ones and have the strongest energies for the signs they belong to.

The metals the stone are set in may also have a meaning and a planetary correspondence, which in turn are the rulers of the zodiac signs. Some metals are combined or replaced for safe jewelry. Brass is used instead of mercury, and tin is combined with other metals to make pewter.

Planetary Metals For Jewelry

Saturn – Lead
Jupiter – Tin
Mars – Iron
The Sun – Gold
Venus – Copper
Mercury – Mercury
The Moon- Silver

Crystals and gems can be refined and placed in jewelry settings, or used loose in their raw state. The size of the stone does not matter.

Aside from birthstones, crystals can be used for specific purposes. Every person is unique and various stones resonate differently with each person. It is up to the individual to ‘tune into’ the stone to test and see if it is the right thing for their purpose. One may notice being attracted to a certain piece, and may experience positive feelings while touching it. That stone is most likely a good one to work with at the time.

A gemstone works when we wear it because we absorb the energy of it. Hold a crystal and notice how you feel. Why are you attracted to it? Do you like the color, the shape?  These attributes are part of the stone’s energy. For example, the color pink is feminine, the color of soft loving feelings, the dawn, and so on. Red is the color of passion, energy, certain foods, anger. Red stones generally protect the wearer and lends warm energies. A red stone with a pink cast hints at passionate love, a reddish brown stone has more protective grounding energies.

What does the stone you are holding remind you of? If it evokes negative feelings, it may be reminding you of energies that need to be addressed, or it may not a good stone for you to wear at the time.  The following are some helpful crystals and their key energies.

Each crystal has its own particular vibration, and each will resonate differently. Look for one that will resonate with your being—regardless of size, shape, color, or jeweler’s quality. It’s the intuitive impression which is important~ Phyllis Galde

Crystals And Their Key Energies

Clear Quartz – This stone is versatile and energizing. Program it to help you accomplish whatever you want.
Agates – Healing, Protection, Survival, Self-confidence. Comfort. There are many colors of agates with very different energies that combine well with other stones.
Amethyst – Helps intuition, and heals alcoholism and headaches.
Aventurine – Protection and prosperity. Stimulates money flow.
Carnelian – The energizing stone. Wear when things must be accomplished quickly. Creativity. Career.
Geodes – Ancient healing peace, and comfort, water energies. Protection.
Hematite – Safety and grounding.
Jade – Oriental stone for good luck, prosperity, partnership, and agreements.
Jaspers – These are relaxing magical stones. Red Jasper-Night protection and defensive energy. Brown Jasper-Grounding and protection, Green, healing.
Obsidian – Protection from negative energy. Self-discipline, grounding, overcoming obstacles, which I think is funny because it is a Saturn stone. It works against obstacles because it blocks the obstacle.
Rose Quartz – Love. Friendship, Romantic love.
Moonstone – Moon phases, womanly energies, unconditional love, compassion, protection, safety while traveling, peace. The psychic’s stone.
Turquoise – Talking stone. Lucky stone. Protection from hidden enemies especially gossips. Encourages good health and happiness. Protects the spirit.

Wear your stones close to your body by placing them in a pocket, or wear it as jewelry. A very large stone can be placed in a room to lend its energies to the space. For example, a huge Amethyst in a room during a cocktail party will discourage excessive drinking and enhance positive social interaction.

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