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The Metaphysical Properties Of Amethyst

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAmethyst is a very powerful stone with diverse metaphysical qualities. Amethyst has strong resonance with the Third Eye Chakra and Crown chakra. It is both powerful and protective. It can keep you safe from psychic attacks by changing negative energy into love. It may keep the wearer from all kinds of spiritual harm.

The Third Eye is located about in the middle of the forehead, above the brow. The color associated with this chakra is indigo, symbolizing the search for, and accomplishment of spiritual purpose. This chakra controls the pituitary gland. It protects our face, left eye, ears, nose, sinuses, and lower brain. It has everything to do with our intuition and our inner knowing, our higher self. It is the emotional and spiritual love center.

The violet of the amethyst represents the deep purple shade of the heavens ~ Charles Blanc

The Crown Chakra is on the top of the head. The colors associated with this energy center are violet (symbolizing enlightenment) and white (symbolizing purity, perfection, and happiness). The Crown Chakra is the individual’s spiritual and enlightenment center. It is the hub of our spiritual essence allowing the inward flow of wisdom from the spiritual realm. It  brings us the gift of cosmic consciousness. When this chakra is working it allows us to see illusory ideals, mundane pursuits, and concepts that would limit us. It allows for use to be self-aware.

Amethyst also helps to calm and manage mood swings. It dispels feelings of anger, fear and anxiety, and lessens sadness and grief. It can help to lessen negativity. It calms, yet stimulates the mind. It helps a person become more focused.

This stone enhances memory and improves motivation. It helps to understand and to remember dreams. Amethyst can also help with insomnia. It aids with selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

It further helps to heal and cleanse. Amethyst is well-known to have a sobering effect, so that the effects of chemicals used will be less, although I would be cautious of this.

It is said that amethyst can help to increase hormone production. It positively alters the endocrine system and metabolism. It makes the immune system stronger and cuts down on pain and helps to fight cancer. It is said to help destroy malignant tumors and promote tissue regeneration.

I like to call amethyst the mother/healer/teacher/lover of the mineral kingdom because it is for lack of a better term an all purpose crystal ~ David

Amethyst helps cleanse the blood and it can ease headaches. It is important to note, however, that amethyst cannot take the place of good medical care and no medical care should be forfeited in favor of using amethyst.

Some of the other useful metaphysical properties of the amethyst include:

• Helping to create awareness of spiritual matters.
• Helping to increase psychic abilities.
• Helping with creating internal peace and healing.
• Helping to create body-mind-soul healing.
• Helping with positive transformation.
• Helping in meditation.
• Helping to create balance.
• Helping to relieve stress.
• Helping to facilitate better communication.

SOURCE: Charms of Light by Haxworth, Caryl

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