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Born With The Moon In Pisces

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIf you are born with the Moon in Pisces you may just have the best position of the moon in the natal chart. The moon in the sign of water gives you very strong intuition.

The Moon in Pisces sharpens our intuition, there may be some mystical moods and we become dreamy and romantic. When the moon is in Pisces, we may find ourselves believing in miracles, mysterious things, even the incomprehensible. We may feel more spiritually connected than normal. We become more affectionate and understanding, more sentimental and in tune to others’ feelings. In the days of Pisces it is wise to go to museums, theater, exhibitions. You will appreciate it much more at this time.

You’ve heard that Pisceans are very old souls. I’ve told you that myself, many times. It’s true. They are. They’ve come through the purifying deluge of many incarnations, and they understand everything and everybody – except themselves ~ Linda Goodman

A person with the Moon in Pisces will also have musical potential. Moon in Pisces people are also very susceptible to hypnosis and may have mediumship abilities.

Those with the Moon in Pisces are very empathic. They pick up the feelings of others, along with the mood of the atmosphere around them. Sometimes they are a ‘psychic sponge.’ This can make their life a roller coaster, unless they learn how to manage their empathic abilities at a young age. It’s best for them to surround themselves with positive, upbeat people. Choose the wrong people and they can get into serious trouble.

A person with their Moon in Pisces may also be too sentimental. This person may try to hide this from others, fearing some will think they are weak. They also are susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse, because they are searching for that perfect world or life.

They are the most romantic of the signs and have tendency to take a bad relationship and elevate it to an unreal level. They will see what they want to see and sometimes that is not the reality of the situation.

If they choose the right partner they can thrive and grow in the relationship. They make wonderful, loving partners and will not disappoint if paired with the right person.

About The Author: Lani

Lani is a third generation psychic, who inherited her gifts from her mother and grandmother. In addition to her skills as a clairvoyant and dream interpreter, she is a natural born empath, and can feel what others feel. She can feel your difficulties and immediately pinpoint your dilemma. Through this gift, she can accurately guide you to make the right decisions that will improve your future. Get a psychic reading with Lani now at

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