How To Streamline Your Psychic Reading

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have lost count of how many times I’ve done a psychic reading and just as the session is about to end, the caller would belatedly say something like, “Oh, I just remembered what I actually wanted to ask, I almost forgot…” Inevitably, this is then followed by the winding down beep indicating that they have run out of time… and they are gone. And there I sit, so frustrated. Too often there is an important issue that the reading should focus on, but it gets lost in the immediacy of the emotions the client was feeling at the beginning of the reading.

In my experience, if a client does not prepare for the reading and struggle to focus once it’s begun, those pressing issues often gets steamrolled, until it’s too late to get to it. I’ve tried so many different techniques, in an attempt to help facilitate centering the energetics of the reading, that it finally brought me to the realization that this wasn’t something that I could accomplish on my end. The focus has to come from the person receiving the psychic reading.

She felt it all right at the back of her throat, like a bomb – or a tiger – sitting on the base of her tongue. Keeping it in made her eyes water ~ Rainbow Rowell

What I can do, however, is offer suggestions that might help my clients in their preparation for a reading, and assist in their greater focus during the reading. Although I can’t remedy the situation, I do understand why it happens. It’s not because the person is ‘doing something wrong.’ In most cases it also isn’t because they are avoiding the issue, for fear of what insights they might receive if they broached the topic with the psychic.

No, what I’ve noticed is that usually by the time someone makes the decision to get a reading, and actually sets the time aside and commits to making that call, they often are so filled with emotion about the topic or situation at hand that they lose focus about what they really need to talk about. Some clients first feel the need to vent their pent-up emotions, before they can focus on the matter at hand in a more constructive manner.

It goes with the turf. People don’t usually get psychic readings just to ‘shoot the breeze.’ Something specific is usually on their mind, or heart, and they are at times overwhelmed in their search for direction. So, often their feelings need to be shared with someone, before they can even consider addressing the important questions they have with regard to the situation.

So, it is my suggestion that if you decide to get a psychic reading, and you want to streamline it and get the most out of it, or at least address your most pressing questions, it might serve you well to find someone else you trust to share the contents of your heart with, before getting the reading. This way you have emptied your heart of all those pent-up emotions. It makes it so much easier for you to focus, and most importantly, to hear the reading – to really take in what the psychic is saying.

I find it very difficult to listen to anyone when I am stuck in my own pain or confusion about something. More often than not, when I do listen at these times, I don’t realize that I am tainting most of what I hear with my own bias. For instance, if I am fearful I tend to hear fearful responses. I can read into something someone is saying and put a fearful overlay on it. Sometimes I can hear something with a slant on it, that the person I am talking with didn’t and never intended to convey to me, but that is what I am creating in my own thoughts. Had I shared the particular situation at hand with someone else, they could have provided me with another viewpoint – a calmer perspective on the very same situation that was at the core of my fear.

I wanted to talk to someone. But who? It’s moments like this, when you need someone the most, that your world seems smallest ~ Rachel Cohn

I find that when someone is scared they put on blinders and tend to hear and project the worst possible scenarios, often reflecting on the past when they were in a similar situation and something negative may have happened. Or sometimes they jump to the future projecting that the same horrible situation from the past is going to repeat itself. If we only remember at these times that four shoulders can carry the weight of a situation a lot easier than only two. Sometimes simply venting those negative feelings with a trusted friend or relative can clear our soul vision and lift our spirits enough to see another possible outcome to the situation we are projecting.

Doping this will refocus you. Having left some of those negative feelings behind, and possibly considering some more positive outcomes or suggestions that may be offered by the person you trusted to share your situation with, your heart will be lighter and your thinking will be clearer – clear enough to get the most that you possibly can out of your psychic reading. When you are clouded by heavy emotions you are stuck. Your thinking is blurry and organized thinking takes a lot more effort. But when you have lightened your load by verbalizing your feelings, by leaning on a good friend, you no longer feel as heavy. One of the side-effects is that your senses seem sharper, as well as your reactions. You’re back! You’re back to a place where your thinking flows easier, as well as your remembering.

So, the key to streamlining your next psychic reading is to remember the important points you want to hit on in the reading. What are the essential questions you want to ask? Once you have balanced your emotions, it’s almost effortless to remember what those points are, and your reading should flow with ease, leaving your mind and heart open to absorb the new directions and suggestions that the reading provides.

About The Author: Sephi Roth is a natural born Psychic, Empath and Medium. For over thirty years she has maintained a successful private practice, designing personalized readings that incorporate her natural abilities, along with many other metaphysical techniques she’s mastered. Over the years she has worked as private psychic consultant for two Fortune 500 companies, a prominent governmental figure and even two motion pictures. She has accomplished much in her field, but feels the most important aspect in all of her work is her desire to help others receive the answers they need. From her heart to yours, she finds no greater joy than making a difference in the lives of all she touches. Get a reading with Sephi Roth now at

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