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The Modern Day Séance

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSéance is a term you don’t hear too much today. Anytime a group of people get together to contact the spirit world, you have what is known as a séance. For some reason this mediumship term has been moved into the background of our vocabulary. We now call these gatherings by a number of names, including message circles, message service, circle readings, group readings, or sittings.

Why the term faded away is difficult to say. The word’s usage declined between the 1920s and 50s, according to Google Books, but it is now beginning to have a resurgence. The word séance typically conjures the mental image of spiritualists sitting around a table in the dark, with candles, holding hands, with wispy apparitions of ghostly spirits floating above them.

Information comes through to me in 3 basic ways seen, hearing, and feeling the energy of the person that’s crossed over. In which it is a symbolic type of language ~ John Edward

Today, when you observe a séance circle, you might expect to zoom in on a suburban home surrounded by shiny automobiles, find yourself sitting in a luxurious living room with a fist full of promotional material, with a medium performing the exact same duties as the mediums of the old time séances, save the physical phenomena of floating paraphernalia.

The séance medium sits and relaxes into an altered state of consciousness, or trance, and connects to the spirit world. With practice, a medium is able to consistently bring information from spirit, for one person after another. I truly believe that spirit sets us up to be able to work comfortably and freely with the spirit world, and that they guide people to selected mediums to create the most enabling situation for all.

One might think that this medium-spirit relationship becomes old hat for the medium, but when you think about it, you realize that spirits who come into a séance circle, or for that matter any spirit reading, may have never communicated through the veil before. The medium’s role thereby becomes that of a true communicator, whereby they must be ready and able to adapt to many variables and situations in the methodology of mediumship. In the séance circle environment, it becomes possible for a spirit to bring more socially orientated messages to all present, such as spiritual enlightenment, community awareness, and more worldly information.

When a medium connects with the desired or present spirit, they receive information through their psychic senses or ‘inner senses’ namely seeing, hearing, feeling, smell and taste, as well as knowing. There are special names given to each of these mediumistic senses:

I can hear them all the time, but it’s not like we hear each other on the earth. It’s more like blips and bleeps and fragments of thoughts and words ~ James Van Praagh

Clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit communication through vividly real images and sometimes with symbolism.

Clairaudience refers to listening, or the ability to hear the words of a loved one’s communication.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel or sense the message.

Claircognizance is to mentally know the message. “I just know it, I can feel it in my bones.”

Clairalience is the ability to smell the message like “Your grandma sure liked to cook beef stew. I know because I can smell it.”

Clairgustance is receiving tastes that relate to objects, events and even emotions. “It left a bitter taste in my mouth.”

The old séance circle is the new séance circle. Today’s mediums are the students of yesterday’s mediums and so it will be for the mediumship of tomorrow. The Spirit world will as always, bring to the séance healing words and inspiration through the medium’s body and mind, for those who have been left behind to complete the trials and tribulations of life’s twisting journey.

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Tommy has worked as a Spiritualist Medium in New England for over two decades and has served on many boards of spiritualist churches. He's an Energy Worker and Medium of uncommon ability who has trained with the best Mediums in the country. He's helped clients from all over the world receive detailed messages from Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. His information is not only accurate but fast, which is something that clients truly value in the fast-paced world we live in today. If you'd like someone who can tap into your energy, tune into your higher self, and deliver all the answers you seek, you can find Tommy at

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