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5 Things An Honest Psychic Will Never Tell You

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comNot all “psychics” are reputable or trustworthy. Some claim to be psychic, but they are not. Others may be competent psychics, but simply not honest. If a psychic tells you any of the following things, you may need to consider ending the psychic reading immediately.

#1: “You are possessed by a demon and I am the only one that can help you.”

Believe it or not, there are so-called “psychics” who make such claims and then ask for money in order for you to get “cured” or “cleansed.” Be especially wary if the reader tells you not to tell anyone what they have told you.

They might instruct you not to confide in anyone, because it will make the evil spirit angry or it will make the demon hurt you. If this happens to you consider never going back to that psychic, and end the reading immediately. You should be able to talk about your own reading to whomever you choose to talk to.

The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold ~ Aristotle

Also, be wary of anyone that says they are the only one who can help you. If your own intuition tells you something is wrong … trust yourself! It’s okay for a psychic to ask for a fair amount of compensation for their time and effort, but if they are demanding large sums of money from you, because they are the only one that can help you, then something is wrong. You need to run and you need to run now! Trust yourself, your sensibilities and your intuition. Anything that breeds dependency is a red flag that tells you to slow down and be careful.

#2: “Your spouse is… cheating on you, trying to kill you, stealing your money.”

A good psychic can often see if there is danger in your life or if there may be “dark energy” around you. They may see if someone in your life is being untruthful or if someone is thinking about betraying you. However, an honest psychic will never tell you someone is trying to kill you. That is just too specific to narrow down.

And something to remember is that your psychic should be telling you positives, as well as challenges. Be wary of anyone that tells you something that is too precise. People and situations are complex, and life is never just black or white. Don’t let what you want to hear interfere with what you accept in a reading.

#3: “Shame on you. You are really messed up.”

Remember, you don’t go to a psychic to be judged. If you are feeling judged it is important to communicate that feeling to the psychic. Sometimes psychics can come across as judgmental when they are being emphatic. Talking to your psychic about this can save you a lot of heartache. You are going to the psychic to find out about the situation you are dealing with. You want to find solutions to resolve the situation.

Psychics are there to show you your truth, but they are not meant to judge you or berate you or shame you. Please remember in all this that you may be told something you don’t like; you may not even want to believe something you are told.  However, you will know when you are being judged, berated, or shamed.

Worse than telling a lie is spending the rest of your life staying true to a lie ~ Robert Brault

#4: “You have a terminal illness; you are going to die.”

Remember, a psychic reader is not a registered medical professional and therefore does not have the mandate to diagnose or offer medical advice. Now, an honest psychic may tell you to that you may want to go to your physician, because they sense something is not quite right. They may say something like, “I am concerned someone in your family may be facing some medical issues. Have they had a check up lately?”

Another thing you should not be hearing is that the psychic knows the exact day and time you or someone you know will die. If this happens you should never go back to that “psychic” and stop the reading immediately. Be wary of any psychic that is this irresponsible.

#5: “This is the way things are and there is nothing you can do to change them. It is your destiny.”

This is a sure sign of a dishonest or fake psychic. Since the beginning of human history there has always been the never ending question if fate is in control of our destiny, or if we have a choice about what happens to us. Is our future based on our free will or is it pre-destined, or is it a combination of both? No one can conclusively prove it is one way or another.

Most of us like to believe we have a degree of control over what happens to us. Most believe that if you don’t like your life you have the power to make changes happen. These changes may not happen quickly, but with time they do occur. If a psychic reader tells you what they are saying is etched in stone, then run and never look back. Remember, you always have power and control in your life.

These are only some of the more common things that may alert you to a dishonest psychic. This list is by no mean exhaustive.  Have fun in your quest to find a psychic that is right for you.

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Mataya's Light Readings are a gift from a higher source that she's worked hard to develop throughout her life. She understands more than most what it's like to struggle with emotional and physical roadblocks and with a Masters in Counseling, she has spent many years using her natural psychic gifts and acquired knowledge to see clients through difficult patches. Since 1988, she's professionally guided others, using Tarot and other divination tools, at various psychic fairs in California. She's worked one-on-one with clients in metaphysical shops, and enjoys a successful online practice. She's channeled energies from her guides and passed on accurate information to her clients. A true Sensitive, Mataya takes on the energy of others, feeling and sensing their challenges. Her name came to her out of the blue one day and she has since learned that Mataya mean's God's gift. If you'd like to experience Mataya's incredible gifts for yourself, try a reading with this compassionate and accurate reader. You can find Mataya at

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