Suddenly A Little More Than Intuitive

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI’ve always known that I was intuitive, but didn’t begin to call or define myself as a psychic – let alone a medium – until I was well into middle age.

Unlike many psychic mediums, I didn’t have childhood experiences with spirits in any shape or form. There were no ancestors watching over me as I slept. Nothing but dust bunnies hid under my bed, and my friends were all clearly visible and in the flesh!

I never thought of myself as strange, because I enjoyed reading about the paranormal, the supernatural, and famous psychics like Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery. I just thought I was weird, because I liked to read, period.

Every artist was first an amateur ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I had my first “real” psychic reading, at the suggestion of my fairly conservative uncle, when I was about 19. I say “real” because a lady who read the tea leaves lived on the street where I grew up. We all knew of her, but nobody openly admitted to actually seeking out her services. Truthfully, I can’t remember if I ever did myself, but I do remember her house number, handwritten in thick, bold marker, was stuck to a tree outside of her house. It was the only indication that she did, in fact, exist.

What I know now about the astrologer, whom I visited at my uncle’s bequest, is that he was very, very good – something I didn’t appreciate at the time. He, like other psychic readers I have visited since over the years, suggested that I too possessed some sort of psychic ability. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe or disbelieve him, but like many, it took being hit over both my etheric and earthly head before I actually did anything about it – whatever “it” was.

Thinking back yet again, I’m pretty sure I had no idea what a psychic development circle was when I enrolled in one. I do know that I was surprised everybody looked pretty darn normal – nothing like psychic and mediums are typically portrayed in the media.

I soon discovered that, once you embark on this journey, you come to know yourself in a different way than you’ve known yourself before and that “it” (and by association, you) changes. Like any change worth its salt, “it” often occurs without notice or warning. Some changes are insidious and difficult to readily identify, others, nothing short of cataclysmic.

I like my changes super-sized. So, some thirty-plus years after that first astrological reading, I called astrologer Steve Frampton at Psychic Access, to see what my stars had been up to these past few decades. And truth be told, I had a niggling feeling that I was hoping my chart would not only clarify, but justify.

I had been wanting to go to Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences for some time. Why, exactly, I don’t know, outside of the obvious “let’s hop a plane to England, stay in a decidedly haunted-looking castle-type building and explore the nooks and crannies of my American psyche.”

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up ~ Pablo Picasso

Still more puzzling, I had an overwhelming urge to take the Findlay course being offered in Spirit Art. Although I have strong genetic and cultural links to art and artists — my mother and grandmother were artists, as is my daughter.  I’m a “dabbler,” and as far as portraits go, I much prefer the profile – it saves one from the clutter of dimension and expectation of likeness.

Steve was as good a spiritual cheerleader as one could ask for.  He re-introduced me to the work of psychic artist Coral Polge and whole-heartedly supported the journey and my choice of courses. I was so sold on the idea that I completely forgot that I am terrified of flying.

Less than a month later, I found myself in a classroom surrounded by a roomful of normal-looking men and women engaged in learning how to draw people in spirit, or, for the less euphemistically-inclined, to “draw dead people.” There are helpful things to learn, such as the aforementioned dimensionality and so on, but the essence of the work is exactly that – the essence of a person as they were when they were living.

This is where I should be explaining how I – or anyone else for that matter – can draw an image of someone they have never seen. Believe me, I wish I could tell you it works. I can tell you what doesn’t happen. I don’t go into a trance or actually see an apparition of the person before me. Nothing (that I can feel, anyway) takes hold of my hand and directs me. I do know that I become very focused and that I can intuitively “feel” it when I’m getting something right.

I’ve learned that although conventional wisdom holds that the eyes are the mirror to the soul, it’s the mouth that sets the face. As a form of mediumship, spirit art is true to itself in terms of form and content. Spirit art makes itself known, it heals, inspires, and helps to break down the barriers we so carefully construct between “us” and “them.”

About The Author: Edie lives near the ocean in Massachusetts and is known to her clients to be a compassionate listener and conveyer of divine wisdom. She possesses the rare talent to integrate an individual’s past, present, and future–particularly at moments of life changes and crossroads. A sensitive and gifted Medium with a full range of Clair abilities at her disposal, she can find lost objects and people and can even read buildings and structures! An experienced teacher, communicator and a born Libran counselor, Edie cares about the well-being of her clients, creating a warm environment in which they can tackle challenging issues, together. If you’d like a multi-Clair Intuitive who can solve life’s obstacles and mysteries, you can find Edie at

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