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What It Means To Be A Sagittarius

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between November 23rd and December 21st, Sagittarius tends to be independent, active, and open to all possibilities. They often feel vibrantly alive.


Sagittarius tends to be free in spirit, an honest and smart friend, and a philosopher.  They like the company of friends and lots of snacks. Sagittarius sees life as an ongoing adventure and experimentation. They tend to be restless and easily excited. Wit comes easy for them. Sagittarius wants independence and a restriction-free life. They extend this generosity to others.

Sagittarius tends to multi-task when it comes to interests.  They often have far reaching goals. At their best, Sagittarius is open, casual, and optimistic. Sagittarius easily connects to people and are said to be lucky. Sagittarius has a fearless attitude. Trouble comes as it does for all of us, however Sagittarius is good at bouncing back from tribulation.

Deep down, Sags are free spirits and our number one piece of advice is always “Follow your heart.” When you fall in love with us, be prepared for a constant stream of aggressive sunshine ~ Kelsey Marshall


It is difficult for a Sagittarius sometimes. They are divided. Part of Sagittarius wants to party into the night, while the other part wants to be the philosopher. On the downside, Sagittarius will often promise more than they can deliver. They are naturally optimistic, which causes them to overestimate their abilities.

Sometimes Sagittarius tends to be so pragmatic and fanatical that they will annoyingly preach. Sagittarius can be very undiplomatic and tactless. They may use honesty for the negative.


Likes: Sagittarius likes country living, theater, yummy food, and current affairs. Sagittarius likes to be observant, to do research, and they like to read. They like to keep their options open and they enjoy taking risks.

Dislikes: Sagittarius dislikes the petty and the boring. They dislike chores and set routines. Sagittarius dislikes fussy and jealous people. They don’t like uncaring attitudes and unchangeable orders.

With Friends: With friends Sagittarius is friendly and easy. They like to tease and are able to laugh at themselves. Sagittarius is supportive and fair and they are often funny. They make an easy and agreeable companion.

Love: Sagittarians love and yet may avoid marriage in favor of freedom that is so dear to them. A partner has to allow Sagittarius their freedom. A partner must be a romantic companion and a friend that allows the Sagittarius to be who they are.

Needs: Sagittarius needs to have goals or to be on some kind of quest. They need challenge, variety, and physical activity. Sagittarius needs to have space in relationships and in their physical environment. Sagittarius tends to be blunt so they must be aware of this tendency. They will often speak before thinking.

Mind: Sagittarius is open and resilient. They bounce back from adversity. They learn easily and can apply that learning. Sagittarius tends to be idealistic and tend to have high energy levels. Sagittarius are optimistic, insightful, humorous, and philosophical.

In Action: Sagittarius is honest and enterprising. They are clever in speech. They tend to be forgiving and have a gentle, if blunt, manner. Be aware that Sagittarius can have a short temper, so watch for sparks.

At Work: Sagittarians are helpful and flexible. They grasp concepts and opportunities easily. Sagittarius can look for alternatives where no one else can see any.  They can head elaborate projects.


Sagittarius and Aries
Both make the most of ever sexual opportunity. Both signs share a love of nature and socializing. The signs are very intellectual. Regarding problems, Sagittarius is more philosophical than Aries. The one issue they may have is explosive tempers. Heated arguments are short lived as neither holds onto anger. This is a very pleasing match.

Sagittarius and Taurus
Taurus is controlling but Sagittarius refuses to be relinquish control. Sagittarius loves variety, change, and adventure. This is irritating to steadfast, disciplined, and homebody Taurus. Taurus likes tried and true ways while Sagittarius likes new ways of doing things. Taurus is tactful while Sagittarius will say what is on their mind. They don’t use their “edit button”. Both handle money differently. Taurus hangs onto it and Sagittarius is not afraid to gamble with it. This pairing is precarious.

Sagittarius and Gemini
Both signs are restless, fun loving, imaginative, and adventuresome. These two really enjoy each other. Both have fun in the bedroom but when this dies down, disagreements arise. Both are smart, however, Sagittarius is undiplomatic and bossy. Gemini likes to verbally tease. Both tend to be discontented and stray from the relationship. Parting is friendly.

Sagittarius and Cancer
Cancer is sensual and romantic and this intrigues Sagittarius.  However, Sagittarius is adventurous and uses their intellect, while Cancer is emotional and cautious. This pair has a hard time understanding each other. Cancer needs security and stability and Sagittarius needs to endure Cancer’s mood swings and jealousy. Sagittarius can’t give Cancer the security and stability Cancer needs. By accident Sagittarius hurts Cancer’s feelings with their bluntness and possible insensitivity. Cancer increases their grip when Sagittarius begins to seek adventures outside the relationship. The two work better as friends.

Sagittarius and Leo
This is an ardent pair with exciting times coming to them. Leo unlocks Sagittarius’s deeper passions. Their romantic life is adventurous. They like travel, socializing, and each other.  Both love and crave freedom. Sagittarius is able to deal well with Leo’s large ego. This mating works.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Virgo is shy and reserved. It is hard for Virgo to deal with Sagittarius’s initiative. Sagittarius thinks Virgo is constricted. Both are intellectual so they have interesting and compelling talk while in bed. Virgo wants order and simplicity which collides with Sagittarius’ desire for excitement and new adventures. Sagittarius wants to be free to roam while Virgo want a commitment. Virgo is detail oriented and gets irritated with Sagittarius’s casual ways. Virgo criticizes and this is how they show love but, Sagittarius has no understanding of this way of showing love. This relationship does not work.

Sagittarius and Libra
Libra is artistic, elegant, and laid back. Sagittarius is charmed. On the other hand, Libra is fascinated by Sagittarius’ love of adventure. Sagittarius is less romantic than Libra and, other than that, their romantic life is fun. Libra knows how to turn on sensual charm and this may slow Sagittarius’ “frolicking”. Libra is tolerant of Sagittarius’ need of freedom. Sagittarius lovers the outdoors while Libra loves home life. This could pose a problem, but Libra’s are expert at working out problems.

Sagittarius and Scorpio
Scorpio is possessive and jealous so they try to keep Sagittarius boxed in. Scorpio has trouble with Sagittarius’ open and outspoken nature. Sagittarius’ need for freedom continually makes Scorpio jealous. This is a combustible pairing. Sex is playful for Sagittarius. They find Scorpio’s intense domination too hard to handle. Sagittarius start to seek outside freedom. The two handle their anger differently. Sagittarius can explode, but is quick to let the anger go, while Scorpio seethes until there is an explosion. This is a difficult pairing.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
These two signs seem perfectly suited for each other. Both are independent and both seek freedom. But all this excitement and chaos creates unpredictability. This chaos is too much to suit either of them. This is a combustible and temperamental couple.

Sagittarius and Capricorn
Cap makes demands of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is lighthearted and freedom bound and they can’t satisfy Capricorn’s demands. Both have goals but, both go about getting these goals differently. Capricorn wants to climb to the top of the mountain; Sagittarius wants to fly over the top. Sagittarius’ open and blunt nature bother Capricorn. Capricorn is restrictive with a dour outlook. Sagittarius is adventurous, social, friendly, and funny. Capricorn is careful with money and concerned with appearance. This relationship may not work.

Sagittarius and Aquarius
These two signs share a zest for life and look forward to their futures. Neither will try and restrict the other. Both share a need to explore possibilities and both are idealistic about life and love. Aquarius is creative and Sagittarius loves to experiment. There fun in the bedroom for both of these sensual signs. They like each other. Emotional bonding is slow to happen but, this relationship will last for the long term.

Sagittarius and Pisces
Sagittarius is attracted to Pisces spiritual side. Pisces is attracted to Sagittarius’s love of life. But Pisces needs a dream lover and Sagittarius needs a pal. Neither of them knows how to help the other. Sagittarius has a lively spirit and feels held down by Pisces’s dependency. Pisces is highly emotional and is looking for more than an occasional sex partner. Freedom loving Sagittarius is looking for fun and casual sex. This works for a while but, this relationship slowly dies.

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