Meditation And You

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Meditation is a practice in which our minds and bodies can reach a relaxed state. Through this relaxed state our subconscious mind can open up to receive messages from the super consciousness. These messages can bring healing to our mind and body and can become a way to alleviate anxiety.

Learning to meditate is the first step in any spiritual practice. In order for you to be centered and able to receive healing or psychic messages, the mind must be cleared of mundane clutter. This includes negative thoughts, fears and judgments.

If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts ~ Alan Cohen

Meditation however does not come easy to many people. You must find a meditation method that works for you. When I mention meditation to a client or student, some of them say: “I would like to meditate. but I can’t seem to relax.”

Relaxation is important to the meditative state, but some people who operate on a higher energy level may need a different method of meditation. Some of my methods that I share involve not only relaxation, but concentration as well. I know it may seem contradictory, but each person has a different way that they reach that meditative state.

Before I go into the different types of meditation methods, lets first talk about the meditative state itself. The meditative state is where your mind is open to transcend into the spiritual realms – into the super consciousness where truths and visions are revealed, as well as connections to our own individual deities. Meditation is used in every religious and spiritual practice to connect with the higher realms and to relay prayers and messages. If you are on a spiritual path, or desire to be, the first thing that will help you connect is meditation.

Once you choose a meditation method that works you are on your way to enhancing your spiritual development. When meditation becomes part of your daily practice you will see a shift in mind body and spirit. Your connection to the world and the universe around you will take on a deeper meaning and many problems will be solved both mentally and physically.

To begin to learn to meditate, it is helpful to designate a meditation time. The same time every day is preferable at first, when learning to meditate. The next step is finding a meditation technique that works for you.

Life is a mystery – mystery of beauty, bliss and divinity. Meditation is the art of unfolding that mystery ~ Amit Ray

Relaxation Meditation

The relaxation technique is very simple and starts by either lying flat or in a comfortable chair with your legs uncrossed. Begin by taking three deep breaths. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly. Starting at your feet, tense and relax your toes, then your feet, then your legs. Continue through the whole body tensing and relaxing.

When your body is totally relaxed begin to clear your mind of all thoughts. If you are feeling anxiety, push it away, if you are feeling anger or fear, push it away.

In your mind’s eye visualize a golden white light surrounding you. You may see a tunnel and feel the sensation of floating through it. Once inside you can ask questions and the answers will be revealed.

Guided Meditation

For those of you who cannot seem to relax and need guidance in their meditation this may be the best method. In a guided meditation you can either sit or lay flat. Always uncross feet and legs so as not to block the energy flow.

Listen to a meditation tape or follow the instructions of a teacher to lead you into the meditative state. Useful meditation tapes usually have soothing music and visualizations such chakra and healing meditations.

Focus Meditation

This is an advanced technique practiced by many ancient religions. It is also a technique that is good for someone who has a difficult time relaxing. Priests and magical adepts also use this technique in ritual and ceremony.

The focus method starts with a person lying flat, sitting in lotus position or a high backed chair. An object, such as a deity statue, a black circle, crystal, blue light or candle is placed at eye level. Taking three deep breaths, begin focusing on the object. Focus until everything around the object disappears. You will begin to feel the sensation of going through the object, then into and through a tunnel into a blissful, relaxed state. Ask any questions that you might have or connect with a loved one who has passed.

About The Author: Brenda is a 3rd Generation Clairvoyant, Medium, teacher and lecturer who has appeared on Jay Leno, as well as other popular TV and radio shows. Known for her accurate timelines of when and where events will precisely occur, her reputation continues to spread both nationally and on the international scene. She is also a published author of several books, including The Wings of Isis series, released in 2010. If you’d like a private look at your past, present and future, you can find Brenda at

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