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Change Your Perception, Change Your Reality

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThis is a very strange and interesting reality that we exist in and it is certainly not just three-dimensional – it’s multi-dimensional. Reality is plastic and pliable and ever-changing. We are its architects. Our thoughts and minds are the pencils that sketch out our ever-shifting reality. We are continually erasing and re-sketching as we think and speak and feel our way through our days.

The strength of our focus will decide the desired outcome, based on the strength of the beliefs we hold. If you only see the negative, the negative manifests. If you see the positive, then the positive manifests. Firmly believing that you can receive what you want means that you vibrate in thought, word, feeling and focus the things you want.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change ~ Wayne W. Dyer

But are your human eyes deceiving you?

As you read these words you don’t really see the text on the computer. And your surroundings are a mirage. What you really see is an internal image; a three-dimensional image. This image reproduces itself exactly as it is reconstructed by your brain.

The photons that are reflected by this page strike the retinas of your eyes, which transform them into electrochemical information. The optic nerves relay this information to the visual cortex at the back of your head where there is a network of nerve cells that cascades downward (like the green coding in the Matrix) and separates the input into categories such as form, color, movement, depth and so on.

How is all this information is ultimately united to bring about this essay into categorized information and then into a coherent image is absolutely unknown. A complete mystery. The neurological basis of consciousness is technically unknown.

So, if we don’t really see real objects in front of us and we don’t really understand the true nature of consciousness, or how we fully perceive something, what is happening when a person is doing a psychic reading? There is no external source of visual stimulation for the psychic, which is also why cameras usually don’t pick up hallucinatory images.  So, although you can’t ‘see’ a psychic reading, a psychic picking up ‘invisible’ information, perceiving something that other people can’t see, doesn’t make it any less real.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper ~ W.B. Yeats

One may ask if the visions of angels are real, or question the visions of the mystics, such as the apparition seen by St. Bernadine of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, and the Padre Pio’s visions of the Blessed Mother and Christ. Maybe it is all illusion, since our brains give meaning to events because of the external stimuli it has encountered. Maybe the answers to the mystical will ultimately be found in the way our brain functions. Closely observing our memories, beliefs, attitudes may provide the answers. We are greatly influenced by familial relations, religion, school and culture. Our life experiences past and present, therefore, determine how we respond to the world, how we interact in relationships, how we think and speak. The answers are found within.

For example, if our brains are different, then it would follow that our perceptions of color are different. We all agree that the sky is blue. However, your blue may be very different from my blue, but both are versions of blue. But this is without questioning what the color “blue” actually is. Your blue is just as true to you as my blue is true to me. The difference is that our individual brains take in the signals differently.

Another example are those who have experienced near-death. Their experiences are so real that their lives are often forever changed by the profound effect of the things they learned from the “other side.” How their brains processed the information through their mind does not make it any less real, just different. We can actually learn from others’ experiences, because they are different from our own, and different makes things a lot more interesting.

Therefore, if how we process things are determined by our past experiences and current knowledge, what exactly is “real?” If real is simply perception, and perception is our only reality, then there is a great power in looking at what we perceive and why we perceive it the way that we do. If we want to see changes in our outer reality, then we need to consider that change is possible and our inner reality and perceptions will change.

All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

When a psychic is reading a person I think they are reading the energy of the person they are reading for. I also think that they can tune into the many possibilities that a person can construct and may be constructing. In other words, exploring what could be. In order to consider the possibilities of a different reality, you must be aware of the perceptions that you hold.

Psychics can offer a different perspective that can help and heal, by reading the energy and pointing the way to something that we cannot see, because we are often blind to our own thoughts, attitudes and possibilities. Mental imagery involves seeing something that really isn’t there and so does vision. In other words you must believe to see.

Once you choose your reality you must act as if you are living it. You must feel it, speak about it, resonate with it, and know it. Knowing allows us to let go, as it is firmly within your being or spirit. Letting go allows it to manifest into this reality.

One client said, “But letting go seems like the exact opposite of what I should do! If I let go, I am afraid I will never get what I want.” If you hold on, you will strangle it. In faith we release fear. In hope, we manifest faith. In trust, we believe in a power that is greater than ourselves that resides within our being. This power cannot be restrained. So, let go. Practice this and see what happens.

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