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What It Means To Be A Scorpio

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between October 24th and November 22nd, Scorpios tend to be intense. They are compelling and tend toward extremes. They tend to live on the edge, and also lean toward jealousy. Scorpios are often intuitive and although they crave privacy, they make excellent friends.


Scorpios are complex and have great depth. They take part in life fully and they are good at observation. Scorpios have insight into human psychology. They may have mood swings, which sometimes make them very intense. They are curious about others, yet they value their own privacy. They make good detectives.

The Scorpio people are wonderfully strong, as the planetary and solar forces which surge through them constantly, give them great magnetism and vitality ~ Bhakti Seva


Scorpios can be deeply flawed, as it is with all Zodiac signs. These flaws include obsession, jealousy, secrets, manipulation, and arrogance. They may have a sharp tongue, and when backed into a corner they are not afraid to use their sharp tongue. When crossed they tend to be unforgiving and they can appear to be cold-hearted. Scorpios may also be vengeful and spiteful. When Scorpios are bad, they are very bad! Scorpios try to keep their darkness hidden and frequently suffer from depression. They may have dark fears. They fight their way to transform and renew themselves.


Likes: Scorpio enjoys the arts and they like the comforts of home life. They like to be respected and to have power. They face challenges and like to find solutions. They also like being active and winning.

Dislikes: Scorpio dislikes nosy people and confinement. They hate to be betrayed and rudeness. They dislike mediocrity and being out of control. Scorpios dislike shallowness, dishonesty, and weakness in others.

With Friends: Scorpios make caring, responsible, and unselfish friends. They are very sensitive and have long memories. They choose friends carefully and they are loyal.

Love: Scorpio love can be torrid, whilst accompanying great responsiveness and commitment. They have a loving heart.  Scorpios have strength and compassion, but action must be taken regarding their moods and unspoken feelings. Since they try and hide their darkness, certain feelings and thoughts may not be expressed which may lead to depression.

Needs: Scorpios need exercise, warmth, acceptance, relaxation of mind, and positive goals. They need to be objective and not rush to judgment.

Mind: In mind, Scorpios are fertile, subtle, and secretive. Their minds can be cautious and probing. They can be very intuitive. Scorpios have extreme will power with passion, purpose, tenacity and pride.

In Action: Scorpios show kindness to people and animals in need, yet, at the same time, they hide their personal pain. They have great resolve. Scorpios may have a fiery temper when crossed.

At Work: At work, Scorpios are charismatic, creative, and thorough. They can be authoritative, but keep ambitions hidden. They are happy to help and are not afraid of distasteful tasks.


Scorpio and Aries
At first the sexual attraction is great. Aries is more sexually adventurous, but Scorpio has hidden passions. Trouble comes in other areas. Both want to be in control and both tend to be selfish. Scorpio’s secretive and brooding nature irritates open and impulsive Aries. Scorpio is possessive and tends toward jealousy, so Aries’ freedom-loving, outgoing, and flirtatious nature infuriates Scorpio. This relationship is undermined by temperamental differences.

Scorpio and Taurus
These two signs work well together sexually. However, both are very jealous and stubborn. The difference between the two is that Taurus wants to own a lover and Scorpio wants to emotionally possess a lover. Financially, Scorpio is careful with money whereas Taurus spends money on leisure and home comfort. Both want to be in control. This pairing is precarious.

Scorpio and Gemini
These two signs are drawn to each other. Gemini is vivacious and this draws Scorpio. Gemini is fascinated by Scorpio’s complex personality. Gemini enjoys Scorpio’s constant sexual desire. Gemini is very changeable and too inconsistent for the intense Scorpio. This is a problem for Scorpio who needs total commitment. Gemini is restless and needs independence while Scorpio feels the need to control a lover. Gemini is social, while Scorpio is a loner. At first it is fun, but soon Gemini is looking for a way out.

Scorpio and Cancer
Cancer tends to be passive sexually. But Scorpio makes up for it with passion. This passion between them cools any disputes these two jealous signs may have. Scorpio is strong and protective, which is fine with clingy and insecure Cancer. In return, Cancer is loving, giving, and devoted, which is just what Scorpio craves. This relationship works.

Scorpio and Leo
Scorpio is unaccepting of Leo’s ego or need to dominate. The two signs seek different things in lovers. Scorpio wants to seek out a lover’s erotic psyche and Leo wants a grand romance. Both signs have equally strong passions and tempers. Leo is large as life and extravagant, but Scorpio does not like waste. Although there is a great deal of attraction between them, both have short tempers. This relationship is short lived.

Scorpio and Virgo
Virgo has trouble keeping up with demonstrative Scorpio, but these two signs are a nice mixture of personalities and energies. Both are concerned about family, money and security. Neither signs are superficial, nor do they believe in strong commitment. Virgo’s passion run more toward the intellectual than physical, but the two click so well that Scorpio can look past it.

Scorpio and Libra
Libra enjoys collecting interesting people and Scorpio’s unpredictable nature intrigues Libra. Libra needs affection and Scorpio supplies it. Scorpio’s jealousy flatters Libra. Libras wants a partners that enhance their own image, while Scorpios take romance seriously. Libra has an on-again-off-again attitude about love, which frustrates Scorpio. This pairing doesn’t last.

Scorpio and Scorpio
There’s plenty of sexual attraction here, but emotions are intense between them. You would think two Scorpios together would understand each other, but there is often little understanding. Scorpios together are demanding and jealous. They are both so intense that small things become large. Two Scorpios together are sulky, brooding, and possessive. Both struggle to keep control. This relationship can be a disaster.

Scorpio and Sagittarius
Sagittarius’s easy and open style intrigues and excites Scorpio. Scorpio tries to dominate Sagittarius, but Sagittarius will not stay controlled for long. Sagittarius wants fun and Scorpio wants security and continual affection. Sagittarius has open and casual attitude about relationships, while Scorpio is secretive and tends to be very jealous in relationships. Scorpio wants Sagittarius to stay at home, but Sagittarius wants to be free. This relationship will not work.

Scorpio and Capricorn
Scorpio’s passions and volatile emotions tend to open up the brooding Capricorn. This is a warm emotional relationship.  Scorpio’s jealousy causes Capricorn to feel secure. They both share ambition, determination, and both are serious about responsibility. They both view finances similarly – they like it! These two signs make a good and an effective couple.

Scorpio and Aquarius
Scorpio tends to make a great deal of emotional demands on Aquarius and Aquarius sees this love affair as a way to broaden horizons. Scorpio simply can’t tolerate Aquarius’ independence, nor does Scorpio understand Aquarius’ casual attitude toward romance. Clingy and jealous Scorpio sees Aquarius as having too many outside interests. Aquarius loves freedom and tends toward mood swings. Scorpio tries to dominate and possess this free spirit. Scorpio loves to stay at home, while Aquarius wants to explore over the horizon.  Aquarius craves freedom. This relationship is precarious.

Scorpio and Pisces
Scorpio’s strength is a perfect fit for Pisces’ indecision. Pisces’ imagination triggers Scorpio’s creativity. Scorpio craves devotion which works for Pisces. They click well in their love making with their mutual fascination.  Both signs have intense emotional needs and these two signs complement each other. Pisces has intuitive awareness and Scorpio has depth of feeling, as well as intuitive awareness.  These two characteristics unite to make a special closeness. This is a lasting relationship.

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