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How I Became A Professional Psychic

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSince I can remember, I frequently knew which song was coming on the radio, what my mother was cooking for dinner, who was going to call on the phone… just random things at random times that I didn’t think much of at the time. I’d been doing it my whole life, I thought everyone did it.

The religion in which I was brought up frowned on women and children having foreknowledge of anything, so nothing was ever explained to me. I wonder where I’d be today if my gifts had been fostered instead.

I was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression shortly after I turned 21. It never really went away and has since been re-diagnosed as clinical depression. Back then they didn’t know a lot about depression, what caused it, how to treat it.  Some sufferers were simply locked up, while many, many more were subjected to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The lucky ones, myself included, were diagnosed by doctors who genuinely cared about their patients and not the bottom-line and would try medication first.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom ~ Aristotle

When I was 20, my husband had left me, pregnant and broke. The divorce was a drawn out, bitter legal battle. The funny thing about this is that even though he didn’t want to stay married to me, he couldn’t seem to stay away from me, and I always knew when he would show up. Every time. But the word “psychic” never entered my mind.

When I was with my youngest child’s father, I was very happy.  One day, out of nowhere, I developed a short-timer’s attitude. I caught myself sorting through our communal things, and sorting and boxing “his” from “mine”. Why was I separating our belongings? A couple of months later he told me I had to take the kids and move out. The word “psychic” still did not enter my mind.

One of my children ran away from home a lot! Most of the time I would have her back within a few hours. Almost every time I knew where she was right away. On some occasions I only knew after a day or two, but I just knew where she was. The police, however, moved at their own pace and sometimes wouldn’t go get her until I told them I’d meet them there.

One day my mother decided to get new living room furniture and called me and said she was giving her old furniture away. She had chosen a number between 1 and 100 and whichever was closest between my sister and myself to that number would get her furniture.  I instantly exclaimed, “50!” The number she had chosen was 50. Yet, the word “psychic” still did not enter my mind.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Mahatma Gandhi

At one point I went through what I thought was an exceptionally long bout of depression. I’ve since come to the realization  that during that time I was more sedated than I should have been. Even in those days I was very good at reading cards. I had a mentor and I took classes on Runes, Astrology, Aromatherapy,  and anything else I could find and afford. I started reading professionally too, working on one of those 900 call-in lines that were so popular at the time. And on karaoke night I went to a local bar to do psychic readings for tips, just to learn and practice.

One afternoon, my sister and I were headed across the state to meet a woman we had met online. While I was talking to my sister about someone in our online group, a name popped into my head. “Michael”. A week or so later his screen name appeared in the chat room and I asked him if his name was Michael. His answer was a bit cryptic, but what I got out of it was that I needed to be careful about what I looked at, that I was more powerful than I realized, and that yes, his name was Michael.

The term “psychic” finally entered my mind.

Over the next few days names just kept coming to me while I was talking to people in the chat room.  As each name came up, I would ask for confirmation. After about a week, I was totally freaked out and shut it down. I’ve never been able to bring that back. I can get an initial and most of the time it’s enough, and the initial usually makes sense in the context of the question, but I really regret shutting that ability down.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ~ C.G. Jung

Over the past 15 years, I’ve learned to use my psychic abilities as easily as I breathe. My kids and older grand kids have come to trust my instincts and predictions as much as they trust me.

A few years ago, there was a series of events that I had no control over, but impacted my life on a broad scale. I was working for at the time, but ended up taking some time off to get my bearings, to grieve my losses,  and to help my loved ones move past some of the tragedies they had been hit with. Since I’ve come back, I’m having more fun and feel more fulfilled than I ever have.

I’m still clinically depressed, but with fewer meds, and a stronger connection to deity and my spirit guides. Working with my psychic gifts makes me feel like I’m doing something with a higher purpose, it gives my life meaning and direction. And I have people like you reading this, to thank for it.

About The Author: Indigo

Indigo is an Indigo child, her gifts have been handed down through generations, and she has used them since she was a teenager. Using a unique blend of, tarot, astrology, numerology, psychology and clairvoyance, she is able to give you the most information in the shortest time possible to help you find a way to change your situation. She has been a spiritual advisor in her community for 20 years and continues her education, while fostering the gifts she has handed down to her grand-children. You can get a reading from Indigo at

2 Responses to How I Became A Professional Psychic

  • A very interesting article. Depression is very hard to cope with. I know several psychics who have suffered from it. I wonder if it is because they are more sensitive that it can affect them more.

  • I’ve seen the same thing, and I know a lot of energy workers who have to step through a major illness in order to understand how energy works with illness.

    My feeling on that is that when we’re small, we are told that what we’re saying is just a dream, or told to stop making it up. After awhile, we try to ignore it and stuffing feelings is the largest contributor to depression.

    My mother admitted she was psychic too, but limited it to finding her kids who neglected to come home. She also said she prayed every day for it to be taken away from her. That was her only admission, ever.

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