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What Is The Truth?

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe truth is that our ancestors created myths to encode important information for our benefit. Speaking the truth in those days resulted in death. An alternative was necessary. And so mythology conveys important messages to us from the past – a message of truth otherwise suppressed.

Today the truth is still suppressed in so many ways. There is the argument that our education systems and religious institutions do not teach us the truth. The most sickening recent examples of blatant suppression is that of radical religious extremism which has cost countless people their lives. I feel sad about how little we have done to stop these atrocities.

Unfortunately, you have to destroy a cancer. You cannot just ignore it like a minor case of the flu. You cannot just hope that it will go away. Recent terrorist attacks in the West patently illustrate that radicalism does indeed spread like a cancer. Radicalism is a dark force, just as cancer is a dark manifestation. It has to be eliminated.

If you think your religion requires discrimination, you’re probably misreading your faith ~ DaShanne Stokes

You may recall the recent genocide of the Yazidi people in Northern Syria. What could be worse than what was allowed to happen to these poor people? Fathers and sons executed. Daughters and mothers sold as sex slaves.

In the 9th century people of the book, i.e. those following a book of religious teachings, were “tolerated.” How awful, you might think, just tolerated? Well, nowadays, they don’t even get basic tolerance in Northern Iraq and much of Syria. If you are a person of the wrong book, or in any way waiver from imposed hellish extremism, then off with your head!

What century are we in now? Oh yes, the 21st century. Perhaps we really are in the age of Aquarius because that makes the Age’s 10th zodiacal house (that which it becomes known for or its destiny) of Scorpio ruled by none other than Mars. Mars is the knife. Mars is the sword. Mars is the bullet. Mars is the missile. Mars is “do it my way, or I hurt you”.

Watch out for Mars because he works for Saturn. And the Mars of Scorpio is not the bold Mars of Aries that confronts you directly. The Mars of Scorpio slips in at night while you are asleep and stabs you in the back.

The Yazidi people have their religious roots in Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, combined with some Islamic beliefs. They quite probably have ties with the Harranian people. The Harranians converted their inheritance of “heathenism” (that which falls outside mainstream Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) into mythology. It was probably the only way they could convey to you the truth.

Ah well, I suppose that’s the problem with trying to make others follow your own beliefs: what starts out as spiritual ardor too often becomes arrogance and bigotry ~ Persia Woolley

The 82 year old curator of Palmyra, who was executed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) recently, was a man that dedicated his life to the preservation and protection of knowledge that has been largely removed, destroyed, forgotten, or probably placed in the sealed Vatican vaults. You see, our ancestors disguised the truth in mythology, monuments, and artifacts. But here is where it gets utterly fascinating. Mythology, when understood and correctly interpreted, reveals that our solar system is like a finely-tuned, complex, but completely predictable pocket watch.

The initiate knows how to decode the living, breathing, unstoppable solar system. She also knows how to apply it to world events, stock markets, weather systems and much more. They didn’t teach us that in Classics did they? You see, myths convey the truth about how the constellations, planets, and fixed stars operate. They explain their natures.

The Age of Pisces was a serene walk in the park compared to the Age of Aquarius. Let’s not be fooled. And let’s not lose sight of our opportunity and responsibility to make it better. This may include holding leaders accountable for what is right, rather than what we are used to. Even better, maybe we will appoint one that knows what is right – one that we can truly applaud and respect.

Perhaps we can make many little choices each day to drive the greed of our time in a better direction. For example, buying the can of tuna that costs less, or the tuna captured in dolphin friendly nets. Perhaps we should each consider where to start, or how to continue if we have already begun? We could even reserve some time to explore the truths that will always remain valid.

As Cicero said: “The beauty of the world and the orderly arrangement of everything celestial makes us confess that there is an excellent and eternal nature, which ought to be worshipped and admired by all Mankind.”

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