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Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have often heard people refer to psychics as a “clairvoyants.” I loved the sound of the word, but I was never quite sure what it meant. So, I wrote it off as just another fancy way to say someone is psychic, until recently when a client insisted that I was a clairvoyant, not a psychic.

I asked her why she was insistent upon using the word clairvoyant and she said she always understood the word psychic to be more one-dimensional, and possibly a synonym for “fortune teller”.” Clairvoyant is an entirely different level of seeing, she said. I was confused, but she just laughed and said, “Just know that I was paying you a compliment.”

According to my client a psychic for the most part is an advisor on the future, and sometimes the present, but a clairvoyant sees a situation from every possible level, including the spiritual. The clairvoyant’s spirituality usually precedes their psychic abilities. She certainly got me thinking, so I decided to explore the difference.

The more boundless your vision, the more real you are ~ Deepak Chopra

Clairvoyance is term derived from the French for “clear vision.” Now, this finally made sense to me. It means to see things clearly that the known senses cannot see. I now understood what she meant, because when I do a psychic reading for someone I connect with the person on the soul level, and I interpret the vision with my heart.

It also made me think about the important role clear vision has played throughout history, and yet most avenues of science today still deny extra sensory perception as a science or even as a possibility for that matter. Science has described clairvoyance as everything from wishful thinking, to hallucinations, to self-delusion. Scientific evidence to this day refuses to support overwhelming proof that there are people who can see from the soul and heart and receive true predictions of the future.

We are living in an age when men can live free, but it must begin by freeing one’s mind, and to do this one must understand all that the mind holds possible. If a person does not believe that they are psychic, it is only because of cultural conditioning and the only person who can change that conditioning is the individual themselves.

The journey of exploring all the possibilities of what your mind is capable of can be fascinating. There isn’t a person on this planet that isn’t psychic, and so how does one begin the process of exploring the possibility that this may be true? Well, the journey begins with a commitment to open your mind. Nothing can happen until you have made that commitment. There is nothing that you have to do with regard to this commitment, other than to quietly go inside yourself and state the commitment to yourself with conviction – that you are dedicated to keeping your mind open to any and all possibilities that will assist you in the process of understanding and developing your personal psychic abilities.

The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision ~ Helen Keller

Secondly you have to ingest, internalize, make friends with this next statement, because if you can’t the process will not unfold: I am ready to accept the possibility that my mind may contain psychic abilities that I have been unaware of until now. In the most gentle of ways I would like to explore and experience the possibility of this being true.

All spiritual and psychic evolution occurs only with you approval and permission. It is a gentle process. If you are ready to take these steps and and believe what we have said here is possible, then the universe will respond to your request, and a whole new world can open for you. As I mentioned, it’s a gentle process, it is not frightening and it is almost always fun!

Often people’s awakening to their psychic gifts begins with a series of what appear to be “coincidences” or synchronicities. You may have had some of these happen to you already. For example, out of the blue you suddenly, for no apparent reason, start thinking about a person you haven’t thought about or seen in years and in the very instant that you start thinking about them the phone rings and it is them! Coincidence? Not likely.

We have just touched the tip of the iceberg here, but isn’t the idea exciting! To find out things about yourself that you thought were impossible, or gifts that only special people had. Nonsense. There are no special people or special gifts. We all can see clearly and, as always, it just depends on what you believe.

About The Author: Sephi Roth is a natural born Psychic, Empath and Medium. For over thirty years she has maintained a successful private practice, designing personalized readings that incorporate her natural abilities, along with many other metaphysical techniques she’s mastered. Over the years she has worked as private psychic consultant for two Fortune 500 companies, a prominent governmental figure and even two motion pictures. She has accomplished much in her field, but feels the most important aspect in all of her work is her desire to help others receive the answers they need. From her heart to yours, she finds no greater joy than making a difference in the lives of all she touches. Get a reading with Sephi Roth now at

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