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What It Means To Be A Libra

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comBorn between September 24th and October 23rd, Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet of love and beauty. Libra believes in fairness and they act rationally. They also have faith and are pleasant to be around.

Libras tend to be self reflective, patient, appreciative of beauty, well-balanced, and logical. They can also be unhappy, ruminating, submissive, extravagant, selfish, procrastinating, and too reliant on others.


Libras can be very diplomatic. They enjoy pleasant and attractive surroundings, while they seek serenity. Libras enjoy art and enjoy social situations even more. They tend to be casual, graceful, and intelligent. Libras tend to be flirts, yet they are also committed partners.

Forever the Air sign, Libras are very intelligent and lead a sensible life. They think about the details of every situation, going over decisions and their ramifications. Reason is important to Libras and so they tend to be objective.

A Libra longs for partnership, it is her heart’s forever-wish; but to love a Libra, you must love her completely ~ Sara Crolick


Libra’s friendly personality may cover dissatisfaction and emotional complexity. It seems to be in their very nature to worry and to have an extreme lack of confidence. When Libras are depressed, they can be vague, dependent, selfish and withdrawn.

Even though Libras are quick to initiate conflict, they hate trouble. Libras need balance, but have problems staying with the balance. When it comes time to make a serious choice, Libras can vacillate between the alternatives. Making a decision can cause distance, arguments, and obsession. It’s hard for them to decide and then move on.  Moderation is a useful concept for Libras.


Likes: Libras love beauty and all that goes with it. They enjoy peace, justice, and cooperation. They like communicating and they know how to use words effectively.

Dislikes: Libras dislike conflict, suffocating situations, confusion, acting without thinking, and being unpopular. They hate bigotry and general unfairness. Libras dislike rudeness and violence.

With Friends: Libras share great pleasure. They tend to be relaxed and loving. An engaging partner, they usually have good relationships. Although they dislike conflict they enjoy discussing ideas.

Love: In love Libras are romantics and idealistic as they seek one special partner.  They love to be in love and yet may continue to have a desire to flirt.

Needs: Libras need plenty of time to make decisions.  They need to be appreciated. Libras need love and companionship.  They need to avoid excesses.

Mind: Libras tend to be civilized and even tempered. They are able to be logical, be objective, and they can think rationally.  However, decisions can take an extended time to make and opportunities can be missed.

In Action: Libras would rather compromise than have conflict. Often they want to please others. They are friendly, likable, generous, and creative. Libras also enjoy quiet time.

At Work: At work Libras are analytical, insightful, and attentive. They are good mediators. They can see all sides of a situation. Libras are calm as they persevere.  They care about details and they do well on a team.


Libra and Aries
These signs are immediately attracted to each other and yet tensions arise.  Libra searches for harmony and peace while Aries is out there and far from calm.  Libra views Aries as rude and without tact.  Aries see Libra as unwilling to face facts.  Libra is indecisive in making a commitment while Aries wants unquestioning fidelity.  Aries sees Libra as being emotionally shallow.  Physically they work but it ends there.

Libra and Taurus
These signs share a love of fine things but, they do not have much else in common.  Libra is social and Taurus loves to be home which bores Libra.  Libra spends on luxuries while Taurus is frugal.  Libra quickly loses patience with Taurus “stodgy” ways.  Sexually, Libra and Taurus are in tune but, that commonality is about all that exists.

Libra and Gemini
This pairing works.  Libra is pleasure loving and Gemini is energetic.  The love they have is often more playful than passionate but they both love having fun. Both are indecisive so there is little action but lots of discussion. This relationship works.

Libra and Cancer
Cancer thinks Libra is shallow. Cancer becomes critical and the critics cut deep. Cancer is also careful with money and grows annoyed with Libra’s extravagance. Cancer is happiest at home and Libra is happiest being social. Problems can be solved with time but will it take too long?

Libra and Leo
Libra’s playfulness blends well with Leo’s energy.  Leo’s expansive libido thrills Libra.  They have great passion.  Leo has a fragile ego so Libra has to approach it carefully anything having to do with ego.  Libra can yield easily when serious conflict arises. They both love luxury, being social, and making a lovely home.

Libra and Virgo
Libra is too demonstrative with love and too frivolous for emotionally inhibited Virgo. Virgo takes love very seriously. Libra needs to be admired and this is just not the way of Virgo. Virgo likes to stays at home while Libra is very social. Libra likes to seek out pleasure. Libra has expensive tastes and Virgo borders on miserly. Love will be short term for these two signs.

Libra and Libra
These two are mirrors to each other. They enjoy pleasing each other sexually. But both are playing at love and neither wants to face reality. Libra needs a strong balance in a partner. They are so much like each other they are bordering on boredom. If both can find outside entertainment, this can be an interesting partnership.

Libra and Scorpio
Libra is always looking for attention and Scorpio’s intensity in love flatters Libra.  But, Libra dislikes people who are touchy, moody, and quick to anger and Scorpios are just this way.  Scorpio needs to control and Libra won’t be controlled.  Libra is flirtatious and casual about sex which angers Scorpio.  Scorpio seethes and slowly becomes more jealous.  Libra has to submit or abandon the relationship.

Libra and Sagittarius
Sag is eager for adventure and Libra is drawn to this while Sag is drawn to Libra’s loving charm.  Libra is very romantic as is Sag.  Libra will want to “get serious” before Sag and this can be worked through.  Libra easily keeps Sag interested.  This couple can become fun, free, and delightful.

Libra and Capricorn
Capricorn is strong sexually and this draw Libra. However, that is as far as it goes.  Libra needs to be shown affection and Capricorn keeps this hidden.  Libra is in” love with love” and gets no understanding from realistic Capricorn.  Libra is easy going and Capricorn believes in hard work and winning at any cost.  Libra likes to party while Capricorn tends to be a loner and comfortable with a chosen few.  This relationship will not last.

Libra and Aquarius
Aquarius enlivens Libra’s quiet sexual nature.  Aquarius is bold and experimental.  They both like to socialize, both are artistic, and both are interested in public affairs.  They become great friends as well as the romantic part of romance.  Aquarius is quick minded and can make decisions easily and this is just fine with the ever indecisive Libra.  This union works. Libra and Pisces Both are sentimental and loving which causes the relationship to start off fine.  Pisces wants to be dominated, reassured, and wants constant attention.  Libra shies away from Pisces’ cloying behavior.  Libra is outgoing and loves fun.  While Pisces feels neglected and criticizes and whines.  Pisces feel that Libra’s commitment is often insincere and sees Libra’s charm as superficial.  Libra has to take the lead sexually and this annoys Libra.

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