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What It Means To Be A Virgo

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Born between August 24th and September 28th, Virgos tend to be ethical, gentle, careful, cautious, capable, and unassertive.  They have a good sense of humor, are unselfish, sincere, analytical, and dependable. They also speak well.

Virgos can also be fixated, skeptical, tedious, and sad or depressed. They may be fussy, submissive, petty, critical, prudish, unsure, nosy, and hypochondriac.


Virgos see details, instead of generalities, and they have a natural sense of effectiveness. They are smart, funny, and charming. They tend to be clear in thinking and are very focused. Virgos have a love of learning. They are considerate and self-effacing. They strive for perfection. Virgos are Earth signs and this makes them conscientious, industrious, and effective.

Unlike most Earth signs, Virgos are idealistic. They are organized and disciplined. Virgos are more than willing to be of service to others. They are scrupulous and will help others to the point of selflessness. Virgos are the “sign of service”. Without Virgo our society would cease to work.


Virgos are hard on others and themselves as they strive for perfection. Their critical nature comes with nagging. Virgos can be demanding and then become disappointed when their demands are not met. At their worst, Virgos can struggle with guilt, self-doubt, shyness, and anxiety.


Likes: Virgos like to take care of things. They like books and cultural pursuits. They enjoy good conversation. Virgos like to be of service.

Dislikes: Virgos dislike neglect, waste, and ineffectiveness.  They dislike idleness, crudeness, and deceitful behavior. Even though they can be critical they dislike being criticized. They dislike accepting help. They fear dependency when old.

With Friends: Virgos are kind, considerate, and sincere with a helpful nature. They are good at giving moral support. Virgos bring out the best in others.

Love: Virgos are very selective and they put personality above sexuality. They are possessive, but are also tender and loyal. If spurned, they seek solace in work.

Needs: Virgos need a healthy diet, outdoor activities, and relaxing hobbies. They also need reassurance. They need to keep goals in sight so that details are kept in perspective.

Mind: Virgos are pragmatic and curious. They like to have fun. Virgos have well informed opinions. They are critical of others and themselves.

In Action: Virgos are meticulous, frugal, and patient. They like routine, practicality, and adaptability.

At Work: Virgos are reliable and neat. They have high standards and are good motivators. They may choose a background role or solitary role. Virgos like to attend to things personally.


Virgo and Aries
Virgo is fascinated by Aries’ big personality but, Virgo’s prudent ways clash with Aries flamboyant ways. Aries like to act and Virgo likes to talk which makes communicating difficult.  Aries sees Virgo as inhibited while Virgo sees Aries as impulsive and wild. This is really not the way of Virgo. Aries like the social scene and Virgo likes quiet, intellectual friends. This romance will not work.

Virgo and Taurus
Taurus is sensuous and Virgo is analytical. However, Taurus’ strong passions can ignite Virgo. Nice lovemaking happens.  These two have a lot in common. Both are down-to-earth. Both love being at home and both believe in investing in the future. This relationship is promising.

Virgo and Gemini
These two signs are attracted to each other because they share a mutual interest in intellectual ideas. They both have active minds but, the rapport stops here. Gemini’s loving nature is too impulsive and unstable for Virgos. Gemini sees Virgo as too conservative. Virgo sees Gemini as irresponsible and immature. Gemini needs freedom. Virgo begins to nag and tries to control the situation. Gemini will move on to others.

Virgo and Cancer
This is a stimulating relationship because they each tap into the others just below the surface sensuality. Virgo likes how Cancer tends to not be too forceful. Cancer makes Virgo feel secure through Cancer’s affectionate and sentimental nature. Both signs like money and domestic comfort. Virgo is protective and Cancer is dependent so both fit nicely together. However, both need to watch for being overcritical. This is a relationship that works.

Virgo and Leo
Leo is sexually charged and takes it as an affront when Virgo doesn’t match this fire. Virgo is passive and reserved which frustrates Leo. Virgo does not easily give praise and Leo thrives on praise. Both are independent but show it in a different ways. Virgo is private and Leo shows this in his /her temperamental way. Leo tends to be tyrannical and Virgo will have none of it. This fit simply does not fit.

Virgo and Virgo
This relationship works as long as both parties curb their fault finding. They, actually, work very well together. Both are responsible, sensitive, smart, and believe in love. Both have passions of the mind. Sex is not the most important thing to either of them. Each wants to be the lead but other things work too well to worry about that.

Virgo and Libra
According to Virgo, Libra is too frivolous and shallow. Libra loves to socialize. Virgo is critical and taps into Libra’s insecurities and causes feelings of rejection. Virgo tries to curb Libra’s fickle nature. Virgo is reserved and practical and Libra sees this as a personal insult. Libra will leave in search of friends that are more fun.

Virgo and Scorpio
Scorpio entices Virgo to be more sexually adventurous. Virgo likes the way Scorpio is possessive and fiercely loyal. This makes Virgo feel loved and safe. Both love each other’s minds. Virgo tends to be logical, smart, and analytical while Scorpio tends to be imaginative and perceptive. Each may have trouble expressing feelings: Scorpio tends to be combustible but secretive. Virgo is restrained and reserved. Sometimes these two signs vie for control but Virgo compromises which keeps Scorpio happy.

Virgo and Sagittarius
These signs make an odd pairing.  Sag is free spirited and Virgo is hardworking.  Neither  has much in common with the other.  Sag likes to gamble and Virgo likes to build security. Both are intellectual but the way their minds work causes clashes. Sag is wide and open. While Virgo is more restricted and ordered.  Sag sees Virgo as being rather prudish in the bedroom. Sag will roam outside the relationship.

Virgo and Capricorn
This is a harmonious pairing. Capricorn‘s ambition and need to succeed goes well with Virgo’s perfectionism. Both are determined, disciplined, and each live with a purpose. They admire and like each other . Both need and want respect and approval and each give the other the needed respect and approval. They are sexually compatible though Capricorn tends to take the lead.

Virgo and Aquarius
Both signs are rational and smart and view love in the abstract. But the similarities end here. Aquarius is adventurous and passionate and thinks Virgo is cold and unresponsive. Virgo is careful about giving out emotions. Aquarius is expansive in their thinking. Aquarius is interested in making the world a  better place. Virgo wants achievement personally and financial security. Aquarius and Virgo are very different socially. Aquarius is outgoing while Virgo is reserved and careful. This couple is so different they may have a hard time being friends.

Virgo and Pisces
To Virgo love means security and mental compatibility. To Pisces love means an all-encompassing emotion. Opposites are often powerfully attracted to each other…in the beginning. Virgo is highly attracted to Pisces in the beginning. Pisces is very intriguing to Virgo while Pisces is in awe of Virgo’s analytical mind. However, this time of infatuation soon ends with disillusionment. Pisces eccentricity and secretiveness frustrates the pragmatic and organized Virgo. Also Pisces has some sexual practices that Virgo isn’t likely to adapt.

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